Letter: We don’t need taxes

Wednesday, November 29, 2017
We don’t need taxes

When considering tax reform, the fairest tax of all is needing no tax at all.

The more we privatize services and set them up on an a la carte basis, so we can pick and choose those we want to pay for, the better off we will be.

Gradually moving into a system where we restrict government to functions like the police, courts and army should be the final objective, but of course this is a long-term process. You don’t really get to make the choice as to how to spend your money. Politicians and bureaucrats decide who gets and who does not. This is why “pay for play” is such a factor in the distortion of how things are paid for.

The “common good” or “the price we pay for living in society” are used as reasons to take money from people against their will and give it to others. From a moral standpoint, who has the right to designate certain people slaves to serve others?

Taxes change the incentive from producing to consuming. Wealth redistribution via taxes works against everyone as shown by how people live in Russia, Cuba or Venezuela. To argue about which tax is best is a false choice; the real discussion should be over why we even need taxes. The short answer is we don’t.

Work for a gradual change to smaller government and lower taxes in order to increase your choices and quality of life while reducing your expenses.