Editorial Archive: The death of Robert F. Kennedy

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Friday, June 08, 2018

(The following editorial appeared in the June 7, 1968, edition of the “Concord Daily Monitor.”)

Exercise of its liberties by a free people is not always an enjoyable pursuit, as a succession of events in this presidential election year has emphasized. Once more the pattern of the quadrennial search for national leadership of the Republic has been altered. Ramifications of the effect of Sen. Kennedy’s death upon the nominating processes can only be guessed at so soon.

Just to mention the subject before the senator’s funeral is considered by many sacrilegious, yet it is one of the many perplexities plaguing the minds of Americans even as their lips are hushed in sorrow.

It is a moment when all momentarily yield a bit to fatalism, yet rebel at the thought that what has happened could be “God’s will.”

Yet if life goes on, as it must, how is the nation to manage it in the changed circumstances?

Once more the choice has narrowed.

Possibly it had already narrowed before Sen. Kennedy was shot but no one will ever know. He might have been destined to win his party’s nomination, and subsequently, the election, though the consensus of the pundits (who have been wrong so many times this year) just prior to the assassination was that Vice President Humphrey would be the Democratic nominee.

Is the nation going to find that the nominations to be made by the major parties have already occurred by default? Are further intraparty campaigns to be a wasted effort?

That is not the way Sen. Kennedy would have wanted it. It is not the way a majority of Americans want it to be.

However, it may be the way the so-called political pros want it. They are the establishment controlling the organizational structure of each party.

But a strange mixture of political undertows may be operating. Against the status quo groups are others craving change, variously expressed as progress or innovation.

We shall see what evolves.