Letter: A farewell to Trump

Wednesday, January 10, 2018
A farewell to Trump

After the passage of the tax “reform” bill, POTUS was riding high. A major legislative “victory” under his belt, he seemed poised to be a serious commander in chief. So what does he do to cash in on his new-found political capital? He gets into a schoolyard shouting match with the North Korean leader over who has the bigger nuclear button. The massive Trump button that keeps being pushed and makes him go nuclear on a daily basis is his fragile ego that he feels compelled to protect at any cost.

If Donald Trump was not president, his impulsive tilting at imaginary windmills might be amusing. From the Oval Office, however, his penchant for self sabotage is becoming a national security threat. At the very time that North Korea appears to be opening dialogue with South Korea, Trump throws gasoline on the fire.

Fire and fury is the trademark of the Trump brand and the name of a book that alleges a major meltdown within his staff. Whether or not every word in the book is true, its central premise that Trump is widely recognized by his own people as an intellectually and emotionally challenged child rings true. I feel pity for a man who is increasingly isolated as former allies jump ship to preserve their own reputations. Maybe it’s time for a man who never truly wanted to be president to spare himself and his family a lot of pain.

Mr. President, please consider a graceful exit from the stage.