Letter: The cruelty of trapping

Published: 11/17/2018 12:01:10 AM

It is recreational animal trapping season. N.H. Fish and Game is a department that puts out skewed information to the public to try to make recreational trappers appear likable or even necessary. They defend trapping because it is a tradition in New Hampshire for trappers to go out in the woods and trap, shoot, bludgeon, drown, suffocate and stomp wild animals to death. How dare anyone question tradition right? Unless Fish & Game also gives the truth about how these animals are actually trapped and killed, including how much their trappers enjoy taking life, how many non-targets are trapped and how much these animals suffer in these traps, then they are just giving us a song and dance.

Trappers enjoy taking the life of these animals so much they often take pictures and videos of the animals still alive in the traps and then again after they kill them. One trapper said he was “hooked and shaking so bad” when he trapped his first beautiful male red fox. Another trapper shows a picture of a small gray fox dead in the snow and boasts how he shot the poor animal at “point-blank range.” These animals recreational trappers kill are just minding their own business in the woods.

Check out the Facebook page “N.H. Citizens Against Recreational Trapping” and find out the truth about this horror that a department of our government promotes. This insane cruelty will end someday, but more people need to get behind the effort.



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