Letter: Returning to a failed idea

Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Returning to a failed idea

Here we go again with the Republican notion that if you give a lot of money to the big corporations and the already rich, that money will trickle down to the rest of us (or maybe some of it to some of us?). The trouble is that it doesn’t do enough.

The Great Depression almost 100 years ago followed the “Gilded Age.” FDR helped us out of that. Ronald Reagan tried it without success. George Bush inherited a surplus from Bill Clinton and turned it into a Great Recession in this century. President Obama brought us out of that. And there is Kansas just recently.

So, we are apparently going to try a failed idea again? Is there any evidence that it is a good idea for anyone but the already rich?

Henry Ford figured out that if you wanted to sell cars, you had to have people with enough money to buy them. So raise the minimum wage?

I do understand that there are many factors in how the economy works that are beyond my ken, and I don’t want to think that our elected leaders are being self-serving and thinking more about their next election cycle than the people they were elected to serve.

If you look at history, nations fail when all the money and power are in the hands of a few. America was founded on the belief that, while there would always be some richer and some poorer, there would always be a way up for every one.

“Trickle down” economics and the current Republican tax bills are not the solution.