Letter: Awaiting American spring

Published: 2/14/2020 12:01:29 AM
Modified: 2/14/2020 12:01:18 AM

Donald Trump is on a revenge binge. His list of horrible people is growing exponentially. Among his enemies are DOJ prosecutors, a Purple Heart recipient and a federal judge. Meanwhile, he is seeking leniency for his pal Roger Stone, exchanges love letters with Kim Jong-un and continues to trust Vladimir Putin over the American intelligence community.

Trump is continuing his endless war on truth telling, State Department diplomats and the rule of law of law itself.

His buddy Attorney General William Barr is his new fixer. A few brave Republicans, Mitt Romney and Gen. John Kelly among them, are finally speaking out. Ads from Republicans for the rule of law in defense of the Constitution are now appearing on TV.

These are encouraging signs on an otherwise bleak political landscape. May they grow until our democracy flourishes again and the winter chill of tyranny gives way to an American spring of bipartisan respect for one another and liberty and justice for all.



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