Letter: Don’t punish drivers of electric vehicles

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Last month 168 New Hampshire representatives voted to unfairly tax thousands of you when they passed House Bill 1763, a law requiring you to pay a special annual fee for choosing to drive a fuel-efficient vehicle.

This bill now goes to the Senate. The “reasoning” behind this bill is that we who drive a hybrid or electric automobile are not paying our fair share toward road and highway maintenance.

Our legislators need to be reminded that it is the larger (and yes, gas guzzling) vehicles and trucks that, due to their heavier weights, inflict damage to road surfaces. Oh, and implementation of the fee will cost the state $330,000. If they want to spend that amount why not simply appropriate it into the highway fund? Or better yet, be really fair and raise the gas tax by 5 to 10 cents so that each driver will pay according to usage of his or her freely chosen vehicle.

Please contact your senator and encourage them to table this prejudicial and punitive bill when it comes before them. To levy a tax upon some citizens who demonstrate concern for New Hampshire’s air quality by buying fuel efficient cars is a travesty.

Please call or write to Gov. Chris Sununu to veto this bill if it reaches his desk. Many, many of us choose economical vehicles because they are good for the state, the country and the planet, and they really are better for our roads.