Jurors returning Monday to continue weighing nurse’s fate

  • Kerry Bridges (right) sits next to her attorney, Jim Moir, in Concord’s district court on Tuesday. Department of Justice investigator Mark Myrdek (left) sits on the stand. (NICK REID / Monitor staff)

Friday, May 20, 2016

Jurors will be back Monday to deliberate in the case of Kerry Bridges, the traveling nurse accused of diverting drugs from Concord Hospital.

They were unable to reach a verdict Friday in Merrimack County Superior Court, according to a prosecutor, despite about 10 hours of deliberation since Thursday.

Bridges, 47, of Warren, Maine, is facing 11 felonies in all. Prosecutors claim she was stealing liquid painkillers from the hospital’s supply and covering her tracks by writing bogus medication orders from doctors.

Bridges’s defense say there’s no evidence to prove she committed a crime, and that each suspicious transaction can be explained. She worked at the hospital for five weeks last spring, and was terminated when the allegations surfaced.