Letter: Vote no on pet vendor bill

Published: 2/19/2019 12:01:23 AM

Regarding Senate Bill 161, relative to the definition of pet vendor: Let me point out that shelters, pet shops, rescues, brokers (buy and sell dogs and cats) and commercial dog breeders already need to be licensed per current law. This bill does not change this.

All SB 161 will do is overload the already understaffed, underfunded state vet office and create a database of low-risk breeders (those who transfer 20 or more animals in 12 months; in dogs and rodents this could be just two litters, in fish and reptiles it could be one batch) so that anti-breeder types can stalk them via obtaining addresses with FOIA requests. This actually already happens here in New Hampshire, when these people get a hold of breeders’ addresses. Let’s not make it easier for stalking and harassment to occur.

Hoarding is not addressed in SB 161 at all, nor does it create funding so the state vet can enforce the great already existing laws they don’t have funds to enforce now.

SB 161 is just more Humane Society of the United States and Jeb Bradley grandstanding and being anti-breeder without offering a real doable solution. A real solution is full funding and multi-use staff for the state vet office to enforce existing laws as well as a digital submission system for puppy/kitten health certificates.

Urge your senators and representatives to vote no on SB 161.


Georges Mills


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