Letter: A smooth Election Day

Published: 11/18/2020 12:01:24 AM

On Nov. 3, I was honored to be one of more than a hundred volunteers working at my town’s polling place. I was registering voters – those new to voting, and those new to the town. I served citizens who were Republican, independent, Libertarian, Democrat, and undeclared. All approached the occasion with a sense of awe, at the enormity of participating in this great tradition, the continuation of the American democratic experiment.

I was also awed by the meticulous preparation that went into the event. I had received 90 minutes of training prior to Nov. 3 in order to be sworn in and then qualify for registering voters. The polling place was beautifully organized and smoothly run. We even had a corps of high school students, too young to vote, helping monitor the lines.

Thank you to our town officials, dedicated to ensuring a reliable, respectful, honest voting process.



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