Letter: Vote your values

Published: 5/16/2022 7:01:59 AM
Modified: 5/16/2022 7:00:12 AM

The news media are once again allowing extraneous topics to distract from the existential crisis of our time. Putin’s unwarranted invasion of a sovereign country is an attack on freedom lovers everywhere. Putin’s lifelong ambition to destroy Western democracy and resurrect a totalitarian regime that fell apart in 1991 is pathetic. He seeks recognition as a feared leader of a world superpower. Instead of achieving glorious victory, he has become a humiliated relic of the past. This is a familiar pattern seen in the hubris of failed dictators.

Like Adolf Hitler, Putin is a doomed despot who will live in infamy. The simple and obvious reason for his inevitable fall from power is that human beings resist subjugation in all its forms. This is the fatal flaw of racism, sexism and extremism. There will be no monuments for men who seek greatness through hatred and contempt, even for their own followers. Not only individuals but entire political parties that value raw power over principle are destined to fail. Follow not the extremist but the man or women who represents all us as we seek a more perfect union of mind, heart, spirit and soul. Vote your values.

Frank Warman



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