Letter: Choose Warmington for Executive Council

Published: 10/24/2020 12:01:55 AM
Modified: 10/24/2020 12:01:44 AM

Cinde Warmington is the perfect person to elect to a seat on the N.H. Executive Council as her entire adult life has been dedicated to making health care a basic human right.

First as a health care worker, then as a health care administrator, and finally as a health care lawyer, Cinde has fought to ensure that all of our citizens have access to affordable, quality health care. She has negotiated contracts, helped people get health care, and learned to navigate the intricate health care systems.

Health care is the largest single part of our state budget, so her expertise will be invaluable on the Executive Council. In addition, her contract negotiating skills will be vital to the Executive Council as any state contract over $10,000 must be approved by the Executive Council.

She will make sure that those contracts reflect our shared values of fair wages and benefits, safe working conditions, and diversity of employment, and that the contracted work will bring value to our state. She will be a watchdog over gubernatorial appointments, making sure that all appointees have the right skills and temperament to be effective in their jobs.

Cinde will defend reproductive freedom, LGBTQ rights, fair elections and everyone’s right to vote, public education, and efforts to halt climate change.

On Nov. 3, please vote for Cinde Warmington for executive councilor for District 2.



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