Letter: Teddy Roosevelt’s take on Warren’s plan

Published: 11/8/2019 12:01:27 AM

Elizabeth Warren’s passion for the less fortunate is admirable and no doubt heartfelt. But history as well as new polls inform us that if she is the Democratic nominee her $20.5 trillion Medicare for All plan – by itself – will likely re-elect even an impeached Donald Trump. The millions of Americans who desperately need publicly supported health care will be left with nothing.

As far back as 1910 President Teddy Roosevelt warned that candidates touting “impractical” plans are actually the enemies of reform.  He told students at the Sorbonne, “The impractical visionary is far less often the guide and precursor than he is the embittered foe of the real reformer who, with stumblings and shortcomings, yet does in practical fashion (achieve) the hopes and desires of those who strive for better things.” It was timely advice then and even more so today. It was timely advice then and even more so today.



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