Letter: Misplaced blame for national unrest

Published: 9/9/2020 12:01:25 AM

In response to the recent letter calling for the removal of our present delegation in Washington, I would like to ask Mr. Bloomquist: Would it not be more appropriate to call out someone who has a national stage, someone who should be bringing all people of this nation together, someone with a platform that would reach all sectors of this country and not just local attention? Someone who has ties nationally and not just in New Hampshire, where to date there has not been a rash of violence?

I too believe most readers are disgusted with the violence. I too wonder why the leaders are not more effective in ending it. But I also believe most readers would expect someone with the national platform to step up to the plate, address the root cause of the protesting, which gives the bad apples cover for the violence, and try to unite the people rather than fan the flames of hate and mistrust.

If only we had someone in that position.




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