Letter: Why I will vote

Published: 11/6/2018 12:01:22 AM

I vote for my ancestors who braved the unknown seeking freedom in a new world early in the 17th century.

I vote for my ancestors who fought and died for independence at Bunker Hill.

I vote for my great aunt, the suffragette, who marched for women’s rights 100 years before #metoo.

I vote for my grandfather, the World War I battleship camouflage artist.

I vote for my mother, the World War II Red Cross canteen director in battle-torn Germany.

I vote for my father, the World War II Signal Corps veteran who drew cartoons all over the walls of that Red Cross canteen in Germany.

I vote for my high school classmate, the last Cold War casualty, so designated by the Department of Defense.

They’re all gone now and can no longer vote for themselves, but their lives, their works and their sacrifices made it easier for me, and many others like me, to live in safety and security – and to vote. Today, I will do just that for all of them. Won’t you please join me?



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