Graduation 2018

Hopes and Dreams

Multimedia project by Caitlin Andrews, Alyssa Dandrea, Ray Duckler, Lola Duffort, Geoff Forester, Elizabeth Frantz, Maddie Vanderpool, Leah Willingham

Calee Carleton, Franklin High School

Callie's dream is to meet Niall Horan, a singer and former member of the band, One Direction.

Aidan Silver, Merrimack Valley High School

Aidan is headed to Plymouth State University to study art and music.

Megan Newhall, John Stark Regional High School

Megan hopes to be a speech language pathologist and do mission work.

Daniel Beaulieu, Kearsarge Regional High School

Daniel wants to be a mechanic and own his own shop.

Gregory Labrie, John Stark Regional High School

Greg plans to study chemistry and environmental science. He wants to work out in the world to make the environment a safer place.

Eddie Hoyt, Merrimack Valley High School

Eddie is currently on "So You Think You Can Dance!" and he plans to continue his dance education.

Alexander Kalpakgian, Kearsarge Regional High School

Alex plans to head to Ohio to earn a degree in business and have fun.

Rebecca Kado, Concord High School

Rebecca wants to become a dental hygenist and continue her studies in trauma and psychology.

Lexus Frechette, Franklin High School

Lexus plans to study conservation while attending college and hopes to study aboard in South Africa so she can work with lions.

Quinn Miller, Kearsarge Regional High School

Quinn is off to Lakes Region Community College to study fire science and fire protection.

Sarah Wagner, John Stark Regional High School

Sarah is attending Catholic University in Washington, D.C. She hopes to become a politician with a law background in order to change the world.

Jonlynn Peightell and Mariah Clark, Merrimack Valley High School

Jonlynn wants to be a children's social worker. Mariah wants to be an x-ray technician. Both will attend NHTI>

Jonathan Weinburg, Concord High School

Jonathan hopes to enter the foreign service after learning philosophy and Arabic. He wants to learn about people's differences and help to bridge cultures to unite people around the world.

Tanya Blasko, Concord High School

Tanya will participate in Concord High transition program. She hopes to learn to live as independently as possible.

Gavin Riley, Franklin High School

Gavin will be attending the University of New Hampshire to study physics. He already has an internship lined up where he will be studying the Earth's magnetic field.

Dakota Drew, Merrimack Valley High School

Dakota wants to study elementary special education at New England College.

Lily Bryant, John Stark Regional High School

Lily plans to attend the University of New England to learn to be a dental hygenist.

Tejun Celestin, Concord High School

Tejun hopes to be discovered on YouTube for his video game clips and challenges. If YouTube doesn't work out, he wants to be the team doctor for the Celtics. He plans to attend the University of New Hampshire in the fall.

Marcy Bowman, Kearsarge Regional High School

Marcy dreams of being a musician.

Jacob Couture, John Stark Regional High School

Jacob is passionate about music and enjoys helping people. He's unsure of what his career path will be, but will be attending Gordon College in the fall.

Jacob Barrington, Merrimack Valley High School

Jacob is joining the Army National Guard so he could help people. He wants to be a medic.

Amanda Enderson, Concord High School

Amanda plans to study ocean engineering at the University of New Hampshire; it combines her passions for biology and machines.

Georgia Flanders, Kearsarge Regional High School

Georgia's dream is to become a published author.

Emily Soule, Merrimack Valley High School

Emily plans to attend the University of New Hampshire to study economics, then plans to study law.