Soup an opportunity to explore

  • Tommy Coruth proudly holds up the carrot he pulled from the CWES garden with Interventionist Mrs. Keegan-Dayton looking on. Courtesy Melissa Descoteau

  • JD Lindbloom and Joseph Atamian prep vegetables for their soup with Assistant Principal Cornwell. —Courtesy Melissa Descoteau

  • Dexter Berry measures water for soup. —Courtesy Melissa Descoteau

  • Fallon Brunini give a thumbs up to their homemade soup. —Courtesy Melissa Descoteau

  • Tatum Lundeen give a thumbs up to their homemade soup. —Courtesy Melissa Descoteau

Published: 11/24/2021 2:01:18 PM

The Center Woods Elementary School garden provided experiences for third-graders beyond gardening. The garden project grew to include preparing, cooking, and tasting homemade soup. Their teacher, Melissa Descoteau, spoke with students about how it takes courage to try new things. She pointed out that everyone tried at least one new thing – pulling carrots and weeds, washing and cutting vegetables, opening cans, adding spices, measuring ingredients, and trying new food, their homemade soup!

“The students were enthusiastic and had great confidence in all aspects of the project,” said Descoteau. “We had a team of incredible adults helping as well.”

Math Interventionist Mrs. Keegan-Dayton worked with students on the project from start to finish. Assistant Principal Cornwell helped students cut the vegetables and cook the soup, stirring the soup often certain sure it didn’t burn. K-8 Math Coach Mrs. Kenney oversaw handwashing and vegetable scrubbing while paraeducator Mrs. Wing offered classroom support as the various stations were running. Interventionist Mrs. Dionne, occupational therapist Ms. Scholl, and physical therapist Ms. Kelsey helped to serve the soup.

Lastly, CWES kindergarten teacher Mrs. Tucker stopped by to check out the project and see some of the students she had when they were in kindergarten, and they all worked on a soup project.

“I am so thankful for the amazing people at Center Woods Elementary for their energy and dedication to learning for all students. I am also thankful for all the support our students got at home for the project. I’m also appreciative of the donated soup items families sent in for the project,” Descoteau said.

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