Letter: A bad voting record in Pembroke and Chichester

Published: 7/8/2018 8:42:32 AM

Recently, the Monitor highlighted Merrimack District 20 (Pembroke and Chichester) as a key race in the 2018 mid-term election.

The two candidates focused were newcomer Clint Hanson (Democrat) and Brian Seaworth (Republican). It is important that voters are aware of their representative’s voting record,

Rep. Seaworth has served nearly three full terms in the House. Seaworth has consistently voted for bills that would jeopardize and weaken public education, significantly SB 193, which would have significantly raised property taxes for many towns. With fellow Free-Staters, he voted against a bill designed to give teachers killed in the line of duty death benefits. And, as a member of the Pembroke Municipal Budget Committee, he introduced and voted for an almost $770,000 reduction in the Pembroke School Budget after the Pembroke School Board had already cut $1.4 million. The town, in its wisdom, did not support this cut, which would have devastated public education in Pembroke.

He has voted against every responsible and broadly supported piece of gun legislation that has been offered, including closing background check loopholes and banning bump stocks and limiting the age of purchasing weapons to 21. He has voted against the minimum wage and opposed unions and the NH workforce by supporting Right-to Work. He has voted against dairy farmer assistance, opposed expanded rail, and supported laws to suppress voting. Importantly, he voted against Medicaid expansion, which would have left 40,000 NH residents without affordable health care. He also voted against passing gender identity discrimination protections.

Sara Smith


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