Letter: Keep Concord developing

Published: 11-21-2023 7:00 AM

Why does Beaver Meadow, a successful Enterprise Zone, so often bring out the anti-progress feelings of individuals with their own personal agendas? There are only two such zones in the city, established with their own distinct rules and intentions. One of those intentions was to keep them unique and not to be confused with other political business. This is lost in most of the commentary regarding the golf course. If the residents of Concord want to see a successful business decay from neglect, they only need to listen to the naysayers and fail to support the proper upgrade of a fully depreciated 45 year old building that was originally built as a seasonal structure and upgraded later still as a warm weather facility.

Golf is a competitive, service oriented business that adds enormous value to this community as a whole. From its original log cabin style clubhouse with its nine hole layout to its 1967 expansion and new clubhouse, to this next iteration, The Beav has always progressed, not perfectly but at least forward. Do not allow the poorly informed, disinterested or those with their own personal agendas stop the Concord community from continuing to develop with an eye looking to the future. Concord is a great city and can successfully manage several projects at one time. But I’ve only been around for 73 years, 61 playing at The Beav, what do I know.

Marshall Irving


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