A timeline of Howie Leung events

Published: 07-19-2023 5:56 PM

Leung investigation

A look at the key dates that led up to the investigation and what’s happened since its start

Sept. 2014 – The first indication, through email, that Howie Leung’s relationship with Victim A, a Rundlett seventh grader, became too close, as identified by investigator Djuna Perkins.

Dec. 2014 – Ana Goble, age 13, is suspended for “gossiping” about Leung.

Feb. 2015 – Alleged sexual abuse of Victim A is believed to have begun, according to Perkins.

June 2015 – Victim A, age 13, works as an unpaid helper to Leung at the Fessenden School ELL Program in Newton, Mass.

Feb. 2016 - Rundlett Principal Tom Sica hired to be next principal at Concord High.

April 2016 – Leung given position, allowing him to move from Rundlett and follow a group of eighth graders to Concord High, including victim A, the next school year.

June 2016 – Victim A, age 14, works for a second summer as an unpaid helper to Leung at the Fessenden School ELL Program.

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July 2016 – Fessenden School ELL summer program trip to New York City.

Sept. 2016 – Leung begins teaching at Concord High School.

Oct. 2017 – Leung meets Victim B, a 16-year-old Concord High School student, and begins displaying favoritism toward her.

May 2018 – The “relationship” between Leung and Victim B, now 17, begins, according to Perkins. Victim B said in court documents Leung initiated a relationship with her in June.

June 2018 – Victim B, age 17, works as an unpaid helper to Leung at the Fessenden School summer ELL program.

Dec. 2018 – Three students report seeing Leung kiss Victim B in a car after school. District administrators launch an internal investigation and inform Leung of allegations. Leung offers his resignation twice but it is rejected and is not placed on leave. An administrator tells Victim B to “lay low.”

Jan. 2019 – District investigation concludes Leung violated student-teacher boundaries and he is placed on a personal improvement plan. Superintendent Terri Forsten informs the NH Dept. of Education.

Feb. 2019 – The NH Dept. of Education alerts law enforcement, and Concord Police open an investigation. Members of the Concord Education Association’s grievance team draft letters trying to discredit the students.

March 2019 – An administrator recommends Leung’s teaching contract for renewal, with the condition of the improvement plan. Concord Police interview Victim A, who reports that Leung sexually assaulted her. Leung is placed on paid leave.

April 2019 – Leung arrested at Concord Hospital on April 3, and is extradited to Massachusetts where he is arraigned and pleads not guilty to child rape charges.

June 2019 – Concord School District reaches settlement with Ana Goble for $15,000.

July 2019 – District hires Djuna Perkins to conduct an independent investigation of its response. Victim B files a restraining order against Leung in New Hampshire court.

Aug. 2019 – Leung is released on bail in Massachusetts.

Sept. 2019 – Perkins investigative report is completed, and school district releases Perkins’ list of recommendations.

Nov. 2019 – Superintendent Terri Forsten resigns Nov. 1. Principal Tom Sica resigns Nov. 4.

Feb. 2020 – Concord School District reaches settlement with Victim A for $545,000.

March 2020 – The N.H. Legislature passed the Leung loophole bill.

June 2020 – Original proposed date of Leung’s trial (rescheduled due to COVID-19)

Tom Sica surrenders his education credentials.

July 2020 – Concord School District releases the full redacted Perkins report to the public.

 Gov. Chris Sununu signs the Leung loophole bill.

Nov. 2020 – Second proposed date of Leung’s trial (rescheduled due to COVID-19).

Jan. 2021 – Terri Forsten surrenders her education credentials.

May 2021 – Third proposed date of Leung’s trial (rescheduled due to new prosecutor, extensive evidence to review). McLeod family files a civil lawsuit against Fessenden School in Massachusetts. Fabiana McLeod comes out publicly as Victim A.

Jan. 2022 – Fourth proposed date of Leung trial. (Rescheduled so defense can obtain and review new evidence.)

Feb. 2022 – Concord School District reaches settlement with Victim B for $1 million.

June 2022 – Fifth proposed date of Leung trial. (Rescheduled due to unknown reasons.)

Jan. 2023 – Sixth proposed date of Leung trial (Rescheduled due to new prosecutor, more evidence to review).

Sept. 2023 – Seventh proposed date of Leung trial.