High schools: Tuesday’s track, baseball, softball, lacrosse and tennis results

Published: 04-17-2024 12:30 AM

Boys’ Track

Merrimack Valley 110.33, Bow 101.66, Pembroke 44, St. Thomas 41, Bishop Brady 35

Key players: MV – Nicolas Ogelsby (1st high jump, 1st long jump), Brayden Laroche (1st 100 hurdles, 1st 300 hurdles)), Mychal Reynolds (1st 400), Abhiman Karki (1st discus, 2nd javelin), Aiden Paquette (1st triple jump), Tony Wang (2nd 3,200), Logan Vong (2nd high jump, 3rd long jump), 4x400 (1st); Bow – Alden Betterley (1st 1,600, 1st 800), Wyatt Worcester (1st 3,200), Sean Nicholls (1st shot put), Kody McCranie (2nd 200, 2nd long jump), Eli Wilkening (2nd 300 hurdles), 4x100 (2nd), 4x400 (2nd); Pembroke – Brandon Lurvey (1st javelin, 4th 200), Zachery Heichlinger (2nd discus, 2nd shot put), Hayden Petersons (2nd triple jump); Bishop Brady – Josh Gentchos (1st 100, 1st 200), Alan Yap (2nd 100, 3rd 200), 4x100 (1st)

Highlights:  The Pride won a five-team meet on its home track.

Coe-Brown 100, John Stark 62, Kennett 62, Plymouth 28

Key players: Coe-Brown – Elias Warner (1st discus, 1st javelin, 2nd shot put), Ethan Newick (1st 200), Cameron Lee (1st 300 hurdles, 2nd 100, 2nd javelin), Sanjith Nomula (1st 800), Alex Conner (1st pole vault), Bryce Sartin (2nd long jump, 2nd triple jump), Max Lemay (2nd 800), Eli Dearborn (2nd pole vault), 4x100 (1st); John Stark – Rio Calle (1st high jump, 1st long jump, 4th 100), Joel Douzanis (1st triple jump, 1st shot put), Cedar Beaupre (2nd 400), Austin Patenadue (2nd 1,600), Alex Descoteau (2nd discus), Shane Lacroix (2nd 110 hurdles), 4x400 (2nd)

Highlights:  The Bears won a four-team meet on their home track.

Conant 140, Newport 128.75, Winnisquam 89.75, Kearsarge 72.5, Mount Royal 69, Franklin 24

Key players: Winnisquam – Brendan Goodwin (2nd 800), Avery Woods (2nd 300 hurdles), Ari Booth (2nd long jump), Victor Pham (2nd triple jump), Henry Osmer (3rd 800), 4x100 (2nd), 4x400 (2nd); Kearsarge – Daniel Dalbec (1st 800, 1st 1,600), Quinton Cloutier (2nd 100, 2nd 200); Franklin – George Sarkis (4th 100, 5th 200)

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Highlights:  Kearsarge hosted a six-team meet on Tuesday, with the Orioles topping the field.

Hillsboro-Deering 4th

Key players: H-D – Elijah Bodanza (1st 3,200, 3rd 400), Robert King (1st 110 hurdles, 5th 200), Brady Curley (2nd 200, 3rd 100), Braden Savoy (3rd javelin, tied 6th high jump), Tony Harris (3rd 300 hurdles), Kolton Lefebvre (6th 200), 4x100 (2nd)

Highlights:  The Hillcats finished fourth in a seven-team meet at Sanborn on Monday. Sanborn (136), Somersworth (102.5), Raymond (73), H-D (63.5), Epping (47), Newmarket (36) and Derryfield (21) were the team scores.

Girls’ Track

Bow 157, Merrimack Valley 85, Pembroke 51, St. Thomas 25, Bishop Brady 3

Key players: Bow – Charlotte Larochelle (1st long jump, 2nd 100), Charlotte Weiss (1st discus, 2nd javelin, 4th shot put), Camden Wilson (1st high jump, 3rd 200), Madison Pfister (1st 400, 4th high jump), Sabrina Bernard (1st shot put, 2nd 3,200), Maddy Winch (1st 3,200), Hannah Pawlowski (1st 800), Julia Hou (2nd 800), Cara Van Dyke (2nd 200, 3rd long jump), Gwen Barrieau (2nd long jump, 3rd 100), Jess Birnbaum (2nd 300 hurdles, 4th 100 hurdles), Lena Thompson (2nd 1,600), 4x100 (1st), 4x400 (1st); MV – Hannah Barrington (1st triple jump, 4th long jump), Elizabeth Barrington (2nd high jump, 3rd triple jump, 5th long jump), Abby Ciarametaro (1st javelin, 2nd discus, 5th shot put), Madison Geddes (1st 1,600), Lily Moser (1st 300 hurdles), Tessa Lynch (2nd 100 hurdles), 4x400 (2nd); Pembroke – Avery Kelly (1st 100, 1st 200), Alexis Brown (1st 100 hurdles, 3rd 300 hurdles), Ty Valley (2nd triple jump), 4x100 (2nd); Bishop Brady – Cilla Abrahamson (5th javelin)

Highlights:  The Falcons won nine of 16 events to win a five-team meet at MV on Tuesday.

Coe-Brown 80, Plymouth 78, Kennett 64, John Stark 35

Key players: Coe-Brown – Isabelle Grenier (1st shot put, 1st discus), Shannon Ross (1st pole vault, 2nd triple jump), Jacqueline Heilshorn (1st javelin), Maggie Escabi (2nd long jump, 2nd 400, 3rd 200), Ainsley Kilbreth (2nd discus, 3rd javelin), Paige Murdough (2nd 1,600), Annika Gunderson (2nd javelin); John Stark – Ayris Beliveau (1st 300 hurdles, 2nd 100 hurdles), Jenna Sinclair (2nd high jump), Rebecca Mussey (3rd discus, 4th javelin)

Highlights:  Coe-Brown had a stiff challenge from Plymouth, but the Bears managed to sweep a four-team meet on their home track on Tuesday.

Kearsarge 201, Winnisquam 111.5, Conant 82, Newport 80.5, Franklin 13, Mount Royal 0

Key players: Kearsarge – Maelle Jacques (1st 1,600, tied 1st high jump), Gabrielel Lamb (1st discus, 2nd shot put, 3rd javelin), Ellie Wimer (1st 300 hurdles, 2nd 100 hurdles), Juliet Faria (1st 100, 2nd 200), Amelia Lefebvre (1st 200, 2nd 400, 2nd long jump), Ainsley Frenkiewich (1st triple jump), Amber Chamberlain (2nd 100), Ava Valle (2nd 800); Winnisquam – Lauren MacDonald (1st shot put, 3rd discus), Brianna Harlow (1st 800), Skye Tibbetts (1st long jump), Victoria Kelly (2nd javelin, 3rd 100 hurdles, 3rd 300 hurdles), Denessa Williams (3rd 200), Kaiden Robb (3rd 400), Vanessa Power (3rd pole vault), Leah Morrison (3rd triple jump), 4x400 (1st), 4x100 (2nd); Franklin – Payton Cloutier (2nd 300 hurdles, 4th 200)

Highlights:  The Cougars won a six-team meet on their home track.

Hillsboro-Deering 7th

Key players: H-D – Signy Burke-Smith (5th 100 hurdles)

Highlights:  The Hillcats finished seventh in a meet on Monday at Sanborn. Sanborn (167), Newmarket (123), Raymond (78), Somersworth (78), Derryfield (17), Epping (9) and H-D (2) were the team scores.


White Mountains 4, Belmont 2

Key players: Belmont – Wyatt Divers (7 IP, 9 H, 3 ER, 5 K, 3 BB), Hutch Haskins (2-for-4), Anakin Underhill (1-for-3), Max Ryder (walk, RBI)

Highlights: After letting up a run in the first and third innings, Belmont tied the game with two runs in the fourth. The Spartans were able to regain the lead with two more runs in the fifth. The Raiders got their first two batters on in the bottom of the seventh and had the winning run at the plate, but a double play and a strikeout ended the game.

Coach’s quote: “It was a good game and a good early test for us. White Mountains is held in high regard, so to be able to measure up allows our young team to see what needs to be worked on in order to take that next step. We’ll use the time off to assess our team.” – Belmont’s Matt LeBlanc

Records: White Mtns. 3-0; Belmont 2-1

Campbell 6, Bishop Brady 4

Key players: Bishop Brady – Owen Thornton (5.1 IP, 4 ER, 6 K, 7 H, 6 BB), Aiden Boule (hit, RBI, stolen base), Winn Thomas (hit, RBI, stolen base), Luke Bedard (2 walks, 2 runs, RBI, run)

Highlights: Campbell had a 3-0 lead before Brady answered with two runs in the bottom of the second on an RBI single by Boule, and steals from Boule and Ryan Bossch. The Cougars had single taltlies in the fifth, sixth and seventh innings. The Giants scored two runs in the bottom of the sixth and had the game-tying runs on base in the bottom of the seventh, but couldn’t bring them home.

Coach’s quote: “It was a hard fought baseball game. Even though we came out on the short end in this one, I was proud of the effort from my young team against one of the top teams in our division. We need to get more contact on offense up and down the lineup.” – Bishop Brady’s Skip Foy

Records: Campbell 2-1; Bishop Brady 1-1


Belmont 11, White Mountains 2

Key players: Belmont – Kami Dacato , Bailey Perkins, Molly O’Connell

Coach’s quote: “Girls need to be more aggressive at the plate, that will come with time.” – Belmont’s Bill Clary

Records: Belmont 3-1; White Mtns. 0-4

Boys’ Lacrosse

Keene-Monadnock 14, Hillsboro-Deering/John Stark 1

Key players: HDJS – Cejay Noiles (goal), Lucas Gagnon (assist)

Highlights:  Keene jumped out to an early lead, forcing from HDJS to play from behind most of the game.

Coach’s quote:  “The slow start killed us. You can’t spot a team seven goals. But we also need to develop some offense. We’ll work at it.” – HDJS’s Howie Roever

Records: Keene 1-1; HDJS 0-2

Girls’ Lacrosse

Bow 19, Coe-Brown 5

Key players: Bow – Olivia Selleck (5 goals), Ella Gray (5 goals), Charlotte Duncan (4 goals), Gianna Trott (8 saves)

Highlights: The Falcons scored 19 goals for the third time this season.

Records: Bow 3-0; Coe-Brown 1-2

Windham 18, Pembroke 2

Key players: Pembroke – Zoey Mayeu, Laila Al-Shawafi, Kendall Purtell, Bailey Gatchell

Highlights: Captain Mayeu anchored the defense and displayed true leadership, and Al-Shawafi and Gatchell scored their first goals of the season.

Coach’s quote: “We were missing some key players for this game. which required our players to play in different positions. They did some really good things on the field and never gave up.” – Pembroke’s Jenny Jones

Records: Windham 2-0; Pembroke 0-2

Hopkinton 18, Kearsarge 8

Key players: Hopkinton – Sydney Westover (4 goals, 4 assists, 14 draw controls, 2 ground balls), Sarah Chodosh (5 goals, 2 assists, draw control, ground ball, caused turnover), Maeve Owens (6 goals, 5 ground balls), Autumn Meier (goal, 2 draw controls, 2 ground balls), Molly Hodgdon (goal, ground ball), Marcella Guadagno (goal, ground ball), Izzy Afflerbach (2 caused turnovers, 2 ground balls), Helen Yeaton (caused turnover, 3 ground balls), Avery Chase (caused turnover, 3 ground balls), Hallee Schoch (13 saves)

Highlights: Westover won 14 draw controls and the Hawks controlled the tempo of the game, putting it away in the second half.

Coach’s quote: “We have a lot more still to improve on. The coaches were happy with Sydney Westover’s dominant draw play and the increased number of assisted goals. First varsity goals for Autumn and Molly!” – Hopkinton’s Gus Madden

Records: Hopkinton 2-1; Kearsarge 0-2

Boys’ Tennis

Concord 6, Spaulding 3

Key players: Concord – Martin Pennington, Carl Sirrianna, Jonah Gaby, Oliver Quinn

Highlights:  The Tide won its second straight match with a victory over the Raiders. Concord has already improved over last year’s 0-14 season.

Coach’s quote:  “The boys have been playing some amazing tennis. It’s great to have a team who works hard and has fun doing it.” – Concord’s Kevin Parsons 

Records: Concord 2-1; Spaulding 0-4

Kearsarge 9, Bishop Brady 0

Key players: Kearsarge – Graham West (8-1 win at No. 1), Eli Whipple (8-1 win at No. 2), Billy Reid (8-0 win at No. 3), Thomas Shepherd (8-0 win at No. 4), Andrew Huff (8-0 win at No. 5), Andrew Zielinski (8-1 win at No. 6), Liam Miller/West (8-1 win at No. 1 doubles), Whipple/Reid (8-6 win at No. 2 doubles), Huff/Shepherd (8-0 win at No. 3 doubles); Bishop Brady – Boden Gendron and Ben Matseas (No. 2 doubles)

Highlights:  The host Cougars handed the Giants their first loss of the season.

Records: Kearsarge 3-0; Bishop Brady 3-1

Girls’ Tennis

Bow 9, Pembroke 0

Key players: Bow – Grace Modzeleski (8-1 win at No. 1), Jaden Glace (8-0 win at No. 2), Katie McCabe (8-0 win at No. 3), Maddy Desrosiers (8-0 win at No. 4), Makaylie Laws (8-1 win at No. 5), Lilly Gula (8-1 win at No. 6), Modzeleski/Glace (8-0 win at No. 1 doubles), McCabe/Gula (8-3 win at No. 2 doubles), Desrosiers/Laws (8-0 win at No. 3 doubles); Pembroke – Annika Jawidzik and Jillian French (No. 2 doubles)

Coaches’ quotes: “The girls are showing improvement and the doubles play is starting to come together.” – Bow’s Steve Langevin

“Bow is a strong team with strength from top of the order on down. Our best match was at No. 2 doubles with Annika and Jillian losing 3-8. It was the first time that they played together and they improved during the match.” – Pembroke’s David Goulet

Records: Bow 4-0; Pembroke 0-4

Lebanon 5, Bishop Brady 4

Key players: Bishop Brady – Laura Yap (8-1 win at No. 1), Anya Koshy (8-5 win at No. 2), Abby Michie (8-5 win at No. 5), Yap/Koshy (8-5 win at No. 1 doubles)

Highlights:  The Giants lost one singles match and one doubles match by 9-7 scores to narrowly drop their first contest of the season against Lebanon at Memorial Field.

Records: Lebanon 3-0; Bishop Brady 3-1