Letter: Medicare dis-Advantage

Published: 12-03-2023 6:00 AM

the Monitor’s opinion pages to expose Medicare Advantage plans, the insurance companies’ subrosa effort to weaken and privatize the real Medicare. Why are insurance companies relentlessly enticing Medicare-eligible Americans with a wonderment of royal treatment and promises of miraculously cheap yet incredibly outstanding service? Because that’s where the money is, in Medicare.

From my experience as a communications workers of America Retired Members’ Council officer here’s my take on why Medicare Advantage plans are a squeeze to transfer Medicare into the insurance behemoths. The insurance companies offering these gifts suck taxpayer money from the real Medicare: up to $900 per month per Advantage Plan-covered senior. The more seniors opt out of conventional Medicare, the easier it is to persuade Congress to let the insurance industry take the whole megillah. Nor do those misleading commercials discuss high deductibles or that seniors are likely to be shunted into networks with no choice of doctors, that the plans are unavailable in some zip codes or when traveling. Nor do they explain how difficult it is to escape “Medicare Part C” and return to normal Medicare. Stick with the real Medicare. Otherwise Medicare Disadvantage may turn seniors into unwitting/ unwilling backdoor accessories to privatize Medicare.

Adolphe Bernotas


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