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Canterbury Town Meeting: Voters back website upgrade, look ahead to school costs
03-16-2024 10:07 AM


Some things about Town Meeting never change.For one, Cheryl Gordon said, “the smallest amount of money takes the longest time.”Gordon would know — Canterbury’s town meeting Friday night was her 45th, and final, as a municipal official there. She...

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Despite concerns about taxes, Loudon approves spending requests
03-17-2024 9:17 AM


In Loudon, like town meetings across the state, attendance was higher than usual due to the concern over high taxes. Throughout the meeting, residents spoke of their disappointment.“I want to thank everyone for turning out today, this is by far the...

Several new vehicles up for voter approval in Loudon
03-15-2024 10:41 AM

Loudon wants some new vehicles, like a $150,000 excavator with a trailer, a $75,000 road tractor, and a $60,000 police cruiser.Voters will be asked to give the town permission to buy those things this Saturday at the annual Town Meeting. Residents...

Henniker voters to consider pond cleanup at town meeting
03-15-2024 9:56 AM


The continuing problem of cyanobacteria blooms in French and Keyser ponds, mostly caused by phosphate from runoff and septic systems, would be targeted under a proposal to hire a consulting firm to recommend ways to tackle the problem. The $100,000...

Weare voters leave East Road land future unsettled with conflicting votes
03-13-2024 5:48 PM


Weare voters rejected the town operating budget but approved the school operating budget on Tuesday, and made a decision that leaves a decade-old debate about town-owned land on East Road even less settled than it was before.Voters approved both...

Henniker school budget, contracts pass
03-13-2024 5:31 PM


Incumbent Select Board member Kris Blomback was re-elected while Peter Flynn will replace Scott Osgood on the five-person board after Tuesday’s election in Henniker.In the Henniker School District, voters easily passed the operating budget of $10.07...

Budget, community power, historic town building sales pass at Boscawen town meeting
03-13-2024 5:29 PM


Boscawen voters approved a 1.1% increase to the town operating budget, a plan to join the Community Power Coalition, the creation of a town forest along Walker Pond and the sale of two historic town buildings at their town meeting Tuesday night. With...

Town Meeting 2024 Election Results
03-12-2024 7:57 PM

Towns throughout the area settled local business and elected new representatives Tuesday. Only SB2 towns will have full results from Tuesday's voting. Traditional towns will only have elected positions and zoning amendments settled on Tuesday.

Dunbarton schools keep adding students, which comes with a cost
03-09-2024 7:25 PM


Unlike other school districts around the state that are losing enrollment, Dunbarton is adding students.“This is a growing community and in many ways, a sought-after community,” Superintendent Marcy Kelley said at Saturday’s school district annual...

Push to add new teacher fails to pass in Chichester
03-09-2024 5:54 PM


In years past, Tara Blaney, a member of the Chichester Budget Committee, has carried a fiscally conservative voice into town and school meetings, trying to balance the welfare of the town with the health of its bank accounts.Saturday, though, at the...

Boscawen to consider establishing a town-forest along Walker Pond
03-08-2024 12:23 PM

Boscawen voters will be asked to establish an 82.5 acre town forest along Walker Pond, primarily on land acquired in 2021 from a sale with the water district.The town-owned land offers residents an opportunity to access the 200-acre pond, a former...

Spending impacts vary between towns sending students to Merrimack Valley
03-05-2024 6:45 PM


Merrimack Valley School District voters will weigh a 5.9% budget increase and decide two contested school board races on Friday. The proposed operating budget for the five-community district is $48,298,106, up almost $2.7 million from last year. The...

Warner residents to vote on select board expansion to five members
02-12-2024 10:28 AM


Christine Frost recognizes the many duties of a select board member in Warner. Sometimes they need to know the role of a town librarian. Other times, they’re a town historian. And they’re often equal parts rule-setter and follower. She believes it’s a...

02-07-2024 3:50 PM

With low attendance, a speedy deliberative session in Pittsfield
02-05-2024 5:51 PM


The deliberative session of the Pittsfield Town Meeting last Saturday attracted less than two dozen residents, who flew through 30 articles in an estimated 30 minutes.“We knocked them right out of the park,” Pittsfield Select Board Chairman Carl...

Weare School District deliberate session to be held Wednesday evening
02-05-2024 11:00 AM


Voters in Weare will see a proposed $18.71 million operating budget for the town’s two schools, an increase of $231,000 or 1.25%, at the school district deliberate session on Wednesday, Feb. 7.If the budget passes the school tax rate would increase...

Allenstown seeks to split one job into two to increase talent pool
02-05-2024 7:48 AM


Allenstown residents chose to reduce the potential operating budget at their deliberative session on Saturday, saving $25,000 by eliminating curbside recycling, which has emerged as a major talking point in recent years.The amended $5.5 million budget...

State criticized for lack of school funding support at Epsom deliberative session
02-03-2024 4:27 PM


Faced with ever-rising costs in a school district that already makes up 70% of the tax bill in town, a common complaint emerged Saturday morning in Epsom: The state of New Hampshire needs to do a better job funding education.“One of the reasons we...

Higher taxes are inevitable across the Granite State, with the Pittsfield board showing limits are possible
02-01-2024 5:53 PM


Select Board Chairman Carl Anderson knows the word “taxes” might cause an uneasy feeling Saturday at the deliberative session of the annual Pittsfield Town Meeting.He also knows that taxes are unavoidable, a way to better serve towns throughout the...

Epsom budget hike driven by special education costs
02-01-2024 4:25 PM


Rising special education and transportation costs in Epsom – two things school officials have little control over – have led to a proposed budget that carries a significant tax increase.If the $14.2 million Epsom school budget is passed, it would...

Displaying articles 1 to 19 out of 19 total.

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