By the numbers: Main Street Project and Sewalls Falls Bridge

  • The Sewalls Falls Bridge was open in November 2016 after 16 months of construction.

  • Pedestrians cross a brick-paved crosswalk on the redesigned Main Street in Concord GEOFF FORESTER photos / Monitor staff

Published: 12/26/2016 10:44:13 PM

Construction on Main Street and the Sewalls Falls Bridge has been on Concord residents’ minds since long before the beginning of 2016. The revitalization of the previously traffic-heavy downtown and the replacement of the dilapidated bridge were part of the conversation for decades.

But now both projects are open for business. And, as it turns out, development and infrastructure may have been more of a story this year than expected, with the suddenly planned closure of Concord Steam and new housing and businesses proposed. Development was the Monitor’s No. 10 Story of the Year.

BY THE NUMBERSSewalls Falls Bridge

• 43¾ – linear miles of reinforcing steel used. That’s nearly as long as 642 football fields, counting end zones.

• 312 – tons of structural steel used. That weighs about the same as 155 average-sized vehicles.

• 1.22 – millions of gallons of sanitary sewer pumped and trucked from one side of the river to the other during construction.

• 126 – endangered brook floater mussels relocated downstream to make way for the new bridge.

Main Street Project

• 5,625 – tons of pavement used. That’s almost 80 percent of the weight of the 984-foot-tall Eiffel Tower.

• 5,250 – square yards of brick and granite pavers. That’s almost three times the surface area of the Everett Arena ice.

• 2.37 – miles of curbing used. That could get you from Main Street to the heart of St. Paul’s School.

• 38 – months since the first phase of the project began with Main Street prep work and Eagle Square renovations.

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