Capital area real estate transfers May 15 to 21

Published: 5/28/2019 2:56:25 PM

4 Mark Drive; mobile home; $87,000; Melissa Smith to Sophie A. Chauvette.

66 School St.; commercial building; $400,000; Grand 7 Properties LLC to 66 School Street LLC.

13 Webster St.; land and building; $110,000; Harald R. Brown Irt and Harald R. Brown to Frank J. Rosano.


28 Boston Hill Road; mobile home; $98,800; Gail M. and Patrick M. Mead to Myles and Trisha E. Mcleod.

108 Cilleyville Road; land and building; $190,000; Lalena J. Matheny to Rachel Michaud and Brian J. Rizzi.


Route 126; $301,050; Smith Madlyn F. Estate and Tri County Cap Inc to William R. and Valerie A. Turner.


9 Eagle Drive; mobile home; $65,000; Tony and Linda Desroches to Holly D. and Morey A. Page.

421 Jamestown Road; land and building; $300,000; Nicholas J. and Denise M. Fox to Mark E. Evans.

134 Plummer Hill Road; land and building; $193,000; Mesgun 2015 Ret and Robert G. Gunter to Dana M. and Casey D. Noel.

151 Seavey Road; land and building; $270,000; Robert A. and Claire L. Lemay to Russell and Marie Davis.

36 Tucker Shore Road; land and building; $352,533; Sally A. Macfadden to Michael J. Rancourt and Susan H. Almeida.

No address provided; $88,733; Cristin Ramage to Richard and Lorie Bolduc.

No address provided; $62,533; Trudy Kenny to John M. and Kelli A. Pliskaner.


2 Crescent Drive; Forest Use; $409,000; Andrew and Christopher Knight to Hannah M. and Peter D. Knoll.

4 Dunnmoore Drive; land and building; $431,000; Jessica J. Beiben Lynn T. and Jessica J. Geiben-lynn to Thelxinoi Koxarakis and Kevin Lindquist.

9 Old Coach Road; land and building; $330,000; Helaine R. Kanegsberg Ret and Helaine R. Kanegsberg to Jessica J. Geiben Lynn T. and Jessica J. Geiben-lynn.

526 Page Road; land and building; $194,000; Kimberly J. Contreras to Lyssette Schaefer.

89 Woodhill Road; land and building; $331,000; Agha S. Ahmad and Fnma to 234 South Main Street Llc.


7 Maple View Drive; $35,000; Julie and Scott Bussiere to J. & K. Home Holdings Llc.

83 North Ridge Road; land and building; $285,000; Katerina and Tory M. Wolff to Narine R. Hazard.


152 Fox Run; land and building; $469,933; Newfound T. and Paul J. Salafia to Julie A. Rosen.

865 Lake St.; commercial building; $400,000; Linda D. Rossi to Bristol Central Sq Llc.

South Main St.; land; $35,000; Brian Malette to Francisco Perez and Enrique Garcia.

No address provided; $60,000; Marion B. Woodward 1995 T. and Frank C. Woodward to Daren P. and Jennifer L. Brabant.


King Road; $621,866; Wolfcreek Interests LLC to Mendota Properties LLC.


79 Blake St.; $1,200,000; Phenix Mutual Fire Insurance to Riverbend Community Mental Heath.

84 Branch Turnpike Unit 20; condominium; $165,000; Thomas T. Kendrick to Purtell Ret and Walter B. Purtell.

110 Broad Cove Drive; land and building; $485,000; Aziz and Suzanne Ali to Thomas B. Johnson and Dorothy E. Lebaron.

19 Burns Ave. Unit 3; condominium; $157,000; Kartikay Vyas to Maria T. Gottshall.

189 Carter Hill Road; retail store; $290,000; Riverhill Investments LLC to Awad Brothers LLC.

25 Clarke St.; land and building; $259,933; Ewa Martel to Jefferey and Jennie Schou.

20 Highland St.; land and building; $189,000; Lindsay Hanson to Benjamin and Sadie Rosa-whitlock.

Hoit Road; $527,933; Sandra Smith and D. Christopher Trider to Jonathan E. and Kendall J. Ferguson.

20 Longmeadow Drive; mobile home; $76,730; Nancy G. Daneault and 21st Mortgage Corp to 21st Mortgage Corp.

6 Loudon Road; Gen Office; $5,600,000; Central United Life Ins to JP Irving LLC.

128 Loudon Road Unit 11R; condominium; $91,000; George Vasiliadis to Luz E. Guevara-Oviedo.

45 Millstream Lane Unit 45; condominium; $131,000; Amy E. Duquesnoy to Lindsay Kelley.

53 Mulberry St. Unit 4; condominium; $200,000; Luke W. Sullivan to Jeffrey K. Baines.

2-10 North Spring St.; commercial building; $330,000; Spring Corner Realty LLC to Christopher and Gillian Benedetti.

88 North Spring St.; land and building; $218,533; Lori and Mark Savoy to Holly Shulman and Jonathan Tuzman.

174 North State St.; land and building; $215,000; Jennie and Paul Parisi to Adrianna and Allison Wheelock.

30 Palm St.; land and building; $257,000; Olindo E. and Victoria A. Peixinho to Jason T. Hudon and Shaylee R. Tetrault.

105 Primrose Lane; land and building; $249,000; Timothy R. Bauman to Arthur and Marlene B. Fritz.

Ripley St.; $110,000; Annette M. Mahoney and James H. Page to Andrew and Christopher Knight.

27 South State St.; two-family home; $265,000; Jason and Jennifer Rivers to Pamela J. Seguin and Francis Soucey.

203 South St.; land and building; $290,000; James A. Belither and Rebecca A. Millimet to Sarah H. Hill and Keith McDonagh.

5 Spillway Lane; land and building; $379,000; BGRS LLC to Brian and Virginia Perry.

5 Styles Drive; land and building; $377,000; Amber Latuch to Colleen T. and James P. Ball.

West State St.; $217,000; Bieber Marion Est and Kimberley Bieber to Brandon S. Dumont and Lyndsay D. Pratt.

No address provided; $379,000; Analise M. and Douglas J. Ebaugh to BGRS LLC.


113-b Mountain View Road; land and building; $675,000; Country Tuff LLC to Sunshine Estates LLC.

163 South Road; land and building; $310,000; Francis J. Rayes to Tylor J. Mitchell.

No address provided; $70,000; Tierra Investments LLC to Daniel T. Winter.


93 Copperline Drive; land and building; $355,000; Marianne and Mark L. Vrooman to Donald J. Mcbride.

4 Kings Row; mobile home; $32,000; Timothy Harkness to Linda and Wayne Komm.

45 Lena Lane; land and building; $285,000; Celine B. Allen to Keith G. Brown and Shania Lee.

6 Princess Lane; mobile home; $17,000; Dutcher Roy E. Estate and Mark E. Dutcher to Joseph Phillips.


207 Chance Pond Road; land and building; $102,500; Robert J. Faunce and Rural Housing Service to 4&5 LLC.

128 Franklin St.; apartment building; $140,000; Christina M. and William J. Hamel to Mitchel T. Parker.

150 Franklin St.; apartment building; $130,000; Anna Z. Bradley Ret and Anna Z. Bradley to James M. Reagan T. and James M. Reagan.

4 Kidder Ave.; land and building; $125,533; Jason H. Graves to Cathryn Moriarty and Dakota S. Walsh.

Lake Shore Drive; $425,000; Sherwell Ft and Kathleen C. Sherwell to Bradley K. and Deborah L. Parker.

6 Meadowood Drive; land and building; $260,000; Craig E. and Jean M. Smith to Christine M. and David F. Wiseman.

13 Robin St.; land and building; $152,000; Maurice A. Ritter to Terri and Warren C. Jensen.

34 Terrace Road; land and building; $210,000; Katherine Cag to Kristina L. Bishop and Kayne R. Gilcris.

Willow St.; $51,533; Doris M. Kidder Ret and Keith Kidder to Mill City Park At Frankln.


6 Cumberland Road; $87,533; Brenda J. White Ret and Brenda J. White to Rebecca L. White.

1996 Lake Shore Road Unit 58; Dock Condo; $71,533; Paul E. Kelleher to Jason D. and Bridget D. Beane.

2393 Lake Shore Road Unit 30; condominium; $339,000; Stephen W. Abbott to Brett D. and Jennifer L. Doan.

2761 Lake Shore Road Unit 35; condominium; $299,933; John T. Stevens to Timothy Puccio.

20 Red Oak Drive Unit 20; condominium; $255,000; Anna M. Gibbs Irt and Patricia Prudhomme to Robert Mcintire.

73 Weirs Road Unit A13; Dock Condo; $130,000; Arlene Helmig Ret and Arlene Helmig to Jean Wong and John C. Spring.

118 Weirs Road Unit 209; condominium; $125,000; French Ft and Dana A. French to Simula Management Llc.

74 Yasmin Drive; land and building; $280,000; John S. and Amy B. Baxter to Janet L. and David R. Bouchard.

No address provided; $75,533; Ann V. Drew to Kent Devettere Rt and Raymond J. Devettere.


20 Flintlock Circle; land and building; $139,000; Sean A. and Roberta F. Wellman to Liane M. Stressenger and Nanette L. Leurant.

345 Hemlock Drive; land and building; $145,000; Lorette M. Doiron to Lori E. and Jeffrey R. Hughes.

32 Mallard Ave.; land and building; $44,000; Steven I. and Brenda J. Hart to Nicholas R. and Kristi M. Hart.

549 Province Road; land and building; $666,400; Christopher Hottel 1997 T. and Christopher Hottel to Kevin& s. Beland T. and Kevin D. Beland.

1870 Province Road; apartment building; $260,000; Mark A. Zinkand to Donald W. and Christiana C. Dean.


Foster Hill Road; $230,000; Jane D. Burton Ret and Donna L. Potter to Curtis J. Parker.

956 Old Concord Road; apartment building; $360,000; Janice Duncan-hale and Peter C. Hale to Morse J. & M. Trucking LLC.

Ray Road; $70,000; Kara Dexter and Heather Dixon to Karen M. Antle and Karen Merrill-antle.

388 Western Ave. Unit E1; condominium; $149,533; Karen R. Green Ret 2018 and Karen R. Green to Kathleen E. Laclair.


505 2nd New Hampshire Tpke; land and building; $179,000; Lisa D. Hunt and Albert J. Belhumeur to James F. Johnstone.

71 Church St.; land and building; $179,933; Roland and Paula Howe to Nathaniel T. and Christal A. Connolly.

Colby Road Lot; land; $125,000; Elizabeth S. Paynter T. and Elizabeth S. Paynter to Jackie R. Bronnenberg Ret and Jackie R. Bronnenberg.

Piper Road Lot 15; $160,000; Mark R. Woodbury to Stacey L. and Jeffrey Decaprio.

66 Preston St. Unit 7; condominium; $100,000; Deanna C. and Donald C. Davidson to Daniel I. Chute and Nicole R. Viau.

25 Winter Road; land and building; $140,364; Cody M. Boutwell and Navy Fcu to Navy Fcu.

No address provided; $45,000; Kevin Albee to Kevin Bishop.


973 Bound Tree Road; land and building; $270,000; Robert W. Green to John and Patrice Fredette.

Briar Hill Road; $111,000; Glenna Goodman Ret and Glenna Goodman to Carrie L. and Thomas P. Dupell.

584 Currier Road; land and building; $809,000; David G. Foster to Charles and Kristen Cummings.


69 Breckenridge Way Unit 11; condominium; $173,533; Brady Sullivan Beaver Pond to Thomas and Michelle Browne.

77 Deerfield Turn Unit 77; condominium; $453,000; Jeffrey J. and Tessa L. Casey to Thomas J. and Dawn M. Flynn.

53 Drew Lane Unit 53; condominium; $437,000; Maude Street Co. Inc. to Ronald L. and Deah J. Hofeldt.

554 Endicott St. North Unit 39; mobile home; $10,000; Gary Downer to Francis Woodward.

125 Hickory Stick Lane; land and building; $480,000; Suzanne J. Perley 2008 T. and Suzanne J. Perley to Donald B. and Cynthia M. Craig.

81 Island Drive Unit 81; condominium; $322,533; Gillian C. Pearson to Albert L. and Karen M. Allen.

11 Kentfield Ct; municipal property; $49,000; William Wingate to Granite Props Of New England.

11 Kentfield Ct; municipal property; $24,000; Laconia to William D. Wingate.

292 Lakeside Ave.; mixed-used; $200,000; Thomas F. Mosson and William M. Salois to Rusty Sprockett LLC.

113 Memory Lane; Other Exempt; $293,200; Weirs Beach Village LC to J. & D. Isabelle Huffabele T. and Joseph M. Isabella.

87 Morningside Drive; land and building; $419,000; James J. & D. Novak Ret and James J. Novak to Thomas G. and Sharon L. Greene.

134 North St.; land and building; $221,000; Melhem K. Hachem and Eliana Dagher to Adrien E. and Frances A. Ginchereau.

147 Pleasant St. Unit 5; condominium; $68,000; Jennifer M. Daivs to Stephanie M. and Erica Burke.

10 Prospect St.; land and building; $222,000; Scott R. and Melissa A. Mellor to Darren M. and Carolyn J. Lescarbeau.

223 Province St.; land and building; $111,000; Sophia R. Feliciano to Matthew A. Rockwell.

12 Rockport Drive Unit B; condominium; $475,000; John E. & l. J. Daigle Ret and John E. Daigle to Gillian Pearson.

Severance Road; land; $108,000; Sharkenn LLC to Escapade Inc.

1198 Union Ave. Unit 3-2; deeded slip; $105,000; David F. and Laureen A. Burnett to Mark Woglum.

1198 Union Ave. Unit 1-7; deeded slip; $43,533; Theodore and Paula M. Chunias to Dock 4 Shores Llc.

277 Weirs Blvd. Unit 17; condominium; $170,000; John C. and Pamela J. Hagianis to Amy Freeman.

251 Wellington Drive; mobile home; $135,000; Bernard E. Perreault to Craig E. and Jean M. Smith.

91 Wentworth Cove Road; land and building; $1,049,000; 91 Wentworth Cove Road Rt and Raymond P. Nickerson to Christopher D. and Christina J. Piros.


357 Pittsfield Road; land and building; $309,933; Jennifer Baltoumas to David J. Toth.

Route 106 North; mixed use; $63,200; Gary G. Bahre to Equity T. Co.

7151 School St.; land and building; $377,000; Eib Holdings Llc to Amber M. Latuch.

23 Terry Drive; land and building; $255,000; Linda Richeal to Brittney and Luke Sullivan.


45 Barnard Ridge Road; land; $154,000; M. & n. Labriola Ft and Michael J. Labriola to Stephen P. Fraczek.

177 Pinnacle Park Road; land and building; $689,000; Community Lake House T. and Peter M. Halfman to Lisa Ravicz.

102 Pleasant St.; land and building; $350,000; Janis Stokes to Daniel J. and Patricia A. Ryan.

98 Tracy Way; land and building; $700,000; Deborah E. Irwin to Lachlan Ret and Adam T. Carey.

No address provided; $287,000; Adam B. Cheney to Thomas Dowell and Brenna Goode.

No address provided; $3,762,000; Charlene Ladas T. and Robert Ladas to Ice T. and Christopher E. Irwin.


39 Chapman Point Road; land and building; $592,533; Ernest S. Chekoulias and Anita L. Drapeau to Benjamin R. Hagberg and Laura J. Nasuti.

Gordon Hill Road; $100,000; Gordon Family Lp to Clarke Devany-Cooper and Julia C. Cooper.

971 Lissa Hill Road; $145,000; Barry Whalen to Peter D. and Christine A. Baerresen.


252 King Hill Road; land and building; $189,933; Joseph Broderick and Brooke L. Wheeler to Frederick and Terri J. Whipple.

39 Squires Lane; land and building; $352,000; Ronald S. Keller T. 2000 and Jennifer Keller to Brennan Ft and Eileen F. Brennan.


134 Colburn Farm Road; land and building; $250,000; David M. Matthews to Donna M. and Robert H. Zilch.

Gillingham Drive; $575,000; Pickman Development LLC to Grandlab 1002 Llc.

15 Hilltop Drive; land and building; $233,000; John T. Garrity and Kelsey Obrien-Garrity to Casey Tenney.

516 Route 103A; land and building; $245,000; Jeffrey L. and Meghan C. Mcdaniel to Toni M. Fantasia and Eddiemore A. Wesoja.

No address provided; $440,000; Enid C. Chandler Ret and David Chandler to Mary Kirk-Snell and Richard J. Snell.


67 Catamount Road; land and building; $368,000; James S. & B. A. Colburn Ret and Betsy A. Colburn to Ainsley A. Smith and Anthony Petroski.

50 Pine St.; land and building; $159,933; Dwight S. Phetteplace to Therese M. Snyder.

55 Rand Road; land and building; $285,000; Douglas V. and Janet C. Briggs to Jonathan C. and Carrie L. White.


Brickett Hill Road; $80,000; Reagan Saltmarsh to Joanne Gelinas-snow and Arthur Snow.

32 Broadway; two-family home; $63,533; USA VA to CRS Holdings I. LLC.

423 Cross Country Road; land and building; $240,000; Emily and Justin Veverka to Kassandra J. and Ronald S. Levesque.

9-15 Front St.; apartment building; $375,000; Front Street Realty Co. to Brooks Gagne.

5 Savage Ct Unit 5; condominium; $165,000; Heather S. Duford to Christopher and Melissa Knibbs.

9 Savage Ct Unit 9; condominium; $173,000; Kirsten A. Nelson to Kevin D. Preston.


15 Watson St.; apartment building; $142,933; Cheryl and James E. Marsh to Sheila L. and Tracy D. Sturgeon.

278 Webster Mills Road; land and building; $405,000; Hilton Capital Group Llc to Eor Rt Llc.


1 Garland St.; land and building; $192,000; Jennifer Judge to TCMI T. and John L. Hammer.


28 Gerrish Road; land and building; $194,533; Patricia and Timothy R. Mountfort to David H. Horner and Georgie R. Ravelli.


281 Black Brook Road; land and building; $322,000; John A. and Priscilla J. Purple to Audrey J. Thibodeau and Shawn M. Berry.

175 Upper Bay Road; land and building; $253,000; Marrycorp LLC to Robert F. and Janet A. Perault.


31 Mountainside Drive; $377,533; Wendy M. Disalvo 2016 T. and Wendye M. Disalvo to Allison M. Stagnaone and Mitchell R. Stagnone.


340 Calef Hill Road; land and building; $310,000; Arold Ft and Mark G. Arold to William and Cynthia Moore.


Kearsarge Mountain Road; $63,000; Carolann and R. James Steffen to Patricia Prentice-Anderson and Peter J. Anderson.

855 Route 103 East; commercial; $160,000; Violena LLC to Firepoint Properties LLC.


29 Anns Drive; land and building; $205,000; Eric Giovagnoli to Justin Raleigh and Hannah E. Sudak.

113 Bart Clough Road; land and building; $239,933; Antle Dennis R. Sr Estate and Elaine T. Antle to Franics J. and Dorothy D. Bartolomeu.

98 Church St.; $300,000; Georges Realty LLC to Felix N. Mensah and Tapiwa Magate-Mensah.

356 Dustin Tavern Road; land and building; $200,000; Michael J. and Ajah Hebert to John F. Torres and Donna A. Breen.

45 Fox Hollow Drive; land and building; $340,000; Michael J. and Kerri L. Goulet to Ryan P. and Jesse L. Renauld-Smith.

260 Maplewold Road; land and building; $215,000; Tina M. Doherty to George A. Macdonald.

140 Mountain School Road; land and building; $362,000; Dennis C. and Ellen Cluche to Michele Goldsmith.

54 Perkins Pond Road; $318,600; TKG Properties Inc to Christian J. and Melissa Lavallee.

627 Reservoir Drive; land and building; $213,000; Graham R. Borden to Timothy J. and Angela M. Bennenatti.

395 River Road; land and building; $261,000; Taylor A. St Onge to Renee M. Daigneault.

550 River Road; land and building; $300,000; Celynn Desfosses to Emily A. Babbin and Justin P. Provencher.

No address provided; $323,000; John A. and Susan M. Millar to Denise G. and Wayne S. Keefe.

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