Capital area real estate transfers May 22 to June 4

Published: 6/14/2019 11:51:19 AM
Modified: 6/14/2019 11:51:07 AM

Deerfield Road Lot 1; $280,000; Christine A. and Thomas S. Irzyk to Andrew H. and Talia E. Blake.

13 Lincoln St.; $275,000; Edward N. Emond to Teresa M. Makara.

Main Street Lot; land; $175,000; Emily L. Barrett to Lot 3 Ferry St., LLC.

7 Swiftwater Drive Unit 8; condominium; $112,000; Judith E. Zugale to Leeann Moore.


4 Horseshoe Pond Road; land and building; $269,000; Charles Bruce Robert Estate and Michael Carney to Bruce D. and Sharon A. Macleod.

65 Main St.; land and building; $157,000; George A. Kidder Estate and Paula K. Miner to Brandon A. McDougal and Molly V. Quigley.


85 Meredith Lane; land and building; $205,000; Steven Carpenter to Shannon D. Pickering.

New Road Lot 9; $42,000; Red Coach Realty Inc. to Mytchel and Kristen Cookinham.

15 Nutter Circle; land and building; $191,000; Shawn Hillsgrove to Jeremy W. Poole and Caitlin Foster-Poole.

69 Old Rochester Road; land and building; $234,400; John S. and Elysia Sleeper to Nicholas M. and Nicole Foti.

22 Rangeway Road; land and building; $170,000; Roy B. and J. Stracham Ret and Judith M. Strachan to Robert H. and Kayleigh M. Englehardt.

2 Stratford Drive; land and building; $213,000; Timothy and Pamela Courounis to James F. and Richard K. Gallagher.

55 W. Locke Road; $112,500; Eileen F. Pouliot and USA to Jennifer L. Abbott.


16 Bean Hill Road; land and building; $283,000; Ernest and Denise Liakas Ft to Barrett J. and Raechel E. Moulton.

79 Church St.; land and building; $300,000; Judee L. Teichert to Jason and Kimberly Collins.

28 Railroad Ave.; two-family home; $208,000; MTR Realty LLC to Felicia B. Briere and Christopher Truett.

38 Stonington Drive; land and building; $269,000; Andrew J. Sheffer to David A. and Lori A. Stevens.

113 Wild Acres Road; open space; $307,000; KTM Exteriors and Recycling to Alexander S. Golden.


175 King St.; land and building; $240,000; Jennifer Cullen to Richard Gates.

1 Welcome Ave.; land and building; $85,000; Barbara J. Cook to Kathleen Bassett.

No address provided Lot 68-5; $281,533; Carol L. Beaulieu to Danielle Denaris-Smith and Stephen D. Smith.

No address provided; $10,000; Tamra M. O’Dowd to Jennifer and Timothy Comeau.


11 Betty Lane; land and building; $372,000; Diane M. Bannister to Lane G. and Rabecca K. Shelton.

36 Bow Center Road; land and building; $250,000; Eric B. and Nancy E. Fiske to Joseph W. Conti and Sara B. Crisp.

3 Carriage Road; general office; $83,333; Delo LLC to David I. Hodgkins.

264 Page Road; land and building; $249,933; MDR Rehab and Development LLC to Shawn Case.

No address provided Lot 66ab; $620,000; Peaslee Hill LLC to Diana and Michael O’Neil.


570 County Road; land and building; $290,000; Joan R. Burlock to Emily and Sean N. Rubendall.

No address provided Lot 21; $25,000; Kenneth W. and Sally E. Haskell to Jeffrey M. and Robert L. Aarons.


Chestnut Street; $38,533; 21 Pleasant St., Place to Glenn Sisco.

30 Daniels Road; mobile home; $150,000; Angelo J. Papin and Jane E. Papin to Patricia M. Rebinkas.


139 Intervale Road; land and building; $326,000; Jacqueline Greene to Kelly McDevitt.

Morrill Road; $258,000; Duncan D. Macallum and Robin T. Mccallum to Maureen T. Green.

No address provided Lot 1; $78,600; Laura Gilman to Martha L. Gilman and Rebecca L. Hawkins.


38 Center Road; land and building; $456,000; James E. and Katherine Valley to Kevin P. Roach.

45 Hilliard Road; land and building; $250,000; Linda M. Booth to Megan Tepper.

103 Horse Corner Road; land and building; $255,000; Brandon Lessard and Lee-ann E. Newcomb to George H. and Katherine W. Ryan.

140 Main St.; $398,933; 140 Main St., LLC to Jill O. and Julio C. Dutra.


10 Alice Drive; mobile home; $60,000; Thomas G. Mamos to Kenneth and Patricia Upton.

37 Alice Drive Unit 101; condominium; $105,000; Beth A. Adams to Melissa and Tony Crawford.

37 Alice Drive Unit 105; condominium; $105,000; Beth A. Adams to Melissa and Tony Crawford.

37 Alice Drive Unit 24; condominium; $112,000; Donna J. and Leslie D. Eggleton to John P. Russo and Nathan E. Winslow.

86 Borough Road; land and building; $268,000; Rosemary B. Fournier to Benjamin A. and Jessica M. Lampron.

84 Branch Turnpike Unit 122; condominium; $211,000; Rae A. Tanguay to Gail A. Wolek.

34 Callaway Drive Unit 4; condominium; $235,133; Abbott Farm LLC to Lorinda B. Gilbert.

6 Carter Hill Road; land and building; $215,000; FNMA to Timothy D. Deacon.

21 Carter St.; land and building; $295,000; Bruce W. and Sharon H. Sorette to Megan F. Borho and Tyler E. Reid.

480 Clinton St.; land and building; $355,933; Claudia J. and David H. Ferber to Colby R. Fraser.

20 Coral St.; land and building; $190,000; Jessica M. Emery and Benjamin Lampron to Mirjan Pallani.

Court St. Lot 27; $165,000; James A. Smith to Karen T. and Russ Kawaguchi.

Edgewood Heights Condo Unit A2; condominium; $110,000; Gail A. Wolek to Randolph K. Pike.

280 Elm St.; land and building; $375,000; Leslie A. Joyner to Colleen C. and Eric A. Estes.

120 Fisherville Road Unit 117; condominium; $128,000; Kellie A. Landry to Stephanie A. Beaupre.

120 Fisherville Road Unit 138; condominium; $125,000; Velma L. Harrison to Maryann Dulski.

120 Fisherville Road Unit 178; condominium; $115,000; Matthew W. and Rose M. Devoe to Samantha Driscoll.

120 Fisherville Road Unit 83; condominium; $125,000; James P. and Kaitlyn Taylor to Ewa Martel.

39 Foxcross Circle; land and building; $469,933; Mia C. Saltzman to Lindsay B. and Tighe C. Richardson.

Garvins Falls Road; $95,000; George S. Crane Estate and Elizabeth M. Lorsbach to PGL Builders LLC.

26 Great Falls Drive Unit 26; condominium; $139,000; Judith M. Smith to Joshua Amero.

8 Grove St.; land and building; $255,000; Ok Cha Fernandes Estate and Brian Fernandes to Matthew J. and Melissa V. Lear.

31 Hobart St.; land and building; $115,000; Preston Trombley Estate and Rick A. Trombly to MDR Rehab and Development LLC.

206 Hopkinton Road; land and building; $190,000; Elwood A. Goodine Estate and Bradford J. Goodine to Ian E. and Kiera L. Reese.

50 Jackson St.; two-family home; $315,000; Jeffrey R. and Tiffany R. Snow to Amanda L. Teter and Gary L. Woods.

8 Leanne Drive; mobile home; $55,000; Nancy Searles to Roland E. and Teri Robitaille.

128 Loudon Road Unit 29r; condominium; $72,533; Pattu D. Kesavan to BCB Real Estate Holdings.

128 Loudon Road Unit F3; condominium; $72,533; Pattu D. Kesavan to BCB Real Estate Holdings.

227 Loudon Road Unit 15; condominium; $139,000; Susan L. O’Donnell to Adam M. Boise.

115 Manor Road; land; $50,000; Christian and Melissa Lavallee to Johns T. and Alan B. Johns.

Mast Yard West Condo Unit 137; condominium; $105,000; Beth A. Adams to Melissa and Tony Crawford.

103 Mountain Road; land and building; $319,533; Jackie M. and James Langdon to Tiffany Snow.

283 Mountain Road; land and building; $385,000; Lynne M. Parker to Geoffrey J. and Melissa A. McDonald.

135 N. State St.; religious property; $725,000; Roman Catholic Bishop to Rollins Court LLC.

183-185 N. State St.; two-family home; $240,000; Ellen J. and Stephen T. Destefano to Andrew Hollinger.

12 Oxalis Way; land and building; $242,933; William P. Nourse to Dodge and Danisco Ret and Scott R. Dodge.

119-a Pembroke Road; land and building; $133,000; Irvin T. Lawler and TD Bank to JCB LLC.

46 Ridge Road; land and building; $369,533; Ellen H. Bryan to Robert K. Bunch and Sandra D. Polleys-Bunch.

406 S. Main St.; motel; $1,100,000; Capital Hotel Co. 6 LLC to South Main Realty LLC.

94 S. State St.; two-family home; $300,000; Hannah C. Chassie and Michael Kivikoski to Joshua P. Diaz.

Sewalls Falls Road Lot 71; $150,000; Josclyn Alway and Vanessa L. Plourde to Patricia Flynn.

37-39 Summer St.; three-family home; $287,533; Eric Boucher to Christopher J. Matheson.

90 W. Parish Road; land and building; $370,000; Melissa V. Laplante and Matthew J. Lear to Inza Figueroa and Justin Peters.

Yale Street; $75,000; Katherine Savary to Shawmut Holdings LLC.

No address provided Lot 3; $314,933; John J. Curtin to Glen A. and Jacquelyn D. Davis.

No address provided Lot 36; $235,000; Craig B. Knapp to Mary Alton.

No address provided Lot 3; $449,933; Dean Ft and Lori G. Dean to Andrew S. Huntington and Amanda A. Mcadam.


Dunlap Road; $50,000; RMR Pacific LLC to Fore Ft and Christopher Fore.

45 Seaward Drive; land and building; $221,533; Robert and Teresa P. Leclerc to Elizabeth A. and William D. Stanley.


Echo Valley Road; $215,000; James M. and Shelby A. Toomey to Tara E. Stone.

152-a Mountain View Road; land and building; $300,000; Lawrence W. White to Thomas P. and Nancy A. Bilodeau.

No address provided Lot 8; $69,000; Nellie A. Rollins to Brian J. Estabrook and Karen P. Etabrook.


173 North Road; land and building; $80,000; Elizabeth S. Paynter to Eric W. and Diane M. Jarvis.


Montalona Road; $150,000; George M. Warriner Jr. Ret and George M. Warriner to Cody S. Harrington.

1180 Montalona Road; land and building; $373,000; Ernest S. and Pamela Tepper to Constance D. Pitenis.

50 Stinson Drive; land and building; $375,000; Benjamin J. McGuire and S. M. Thornton-McGuire to Brian J. and Melissa Huckins.

No address provided Lot 27g; $80,000; Donald A. Perkins to Janet S. Pacik.


14 Bishop Lane; mobile home; $82,533; John P. Russo and Nathan E. Winslow to Robin Campbell.

197 Chestnut Pond Road; land and building; $55,000; John N. and Mark B. Arnoldy to John J. and Robin L. Arnoldy.

231 Copperline Drive; land and building; $292,000; Brian and Stephanie Womersley to Anthony Rorick and Courtney A. Selig.

230 Lords Mill Road; multi-family home; $405,000; Linda and Wayne Komm to Steven Begley.

462 New Orchard Road; land and building; $295,000; Michael J. and Patricia J. Langlois to Patrick D. Combs and Sinehan Kerman.

33 River Road; land and building; $240,000; Nancy O. and Richard F. Gifford to Dillon T. Girard and Meghan Delani-Miller.


8 Carr St.; land and building; $181,333; Sandi L. McLaughlin to Haley Golden and Brandon P. Webman.

5 Dearborn St.; land and building; $229,933; 5 Dearborn LLC to Shawn A. McGrath.

1 Eagle Nest Drive; mobile home; $179,933; Arthur J. Noel to Arthur W. and Linda S. Krueger.

11 Glen Falls Road; land and building; $255,000; Steven J. and Trudy J. Leask to Shawn Condon and Douglas D. Lucciano.

207 Lake Shore Drive; land and building; $228,000; Beth Elaine and William C. Chamberlin to Chad and Vivian Haydar.

11 Munroe St.; land and building; $149,933; Jason K. and Kimberly A. Collins to Megan E. and Patrick R. Mader.

Railroad Avenue; $85,000; Curtis Barry Estate and Neil Barry to James M. Reagan.

South Main Street; $60,000; M. A. Rousseau-Arsenault to Franklin Commons Realty.

745 S. Main St.; land and building; $87,000; M. A. Rousseau-Arsenault to Family Properties South.

West Bow Street; $200,000; Christina M. and William Hamel to Timothy B. Alberts.

177 W. Bow St.; land and building; $119,933; HUS Holdings LLC to Allen E. and Christopher E. Gordon.

125 Webster Lake Road; land and building; $259,933; Charlotte and Edward R. Elliott to Joshua K. and Shannon N. Bond.


707 Belknap Mountain Road; land and building; $255,000; Virginia A. Barunas to Adam C. and Lindsey L. Batstone.

230 Cherry Valley Road; land and building; $237,000; Luke T. and Annabella D. Gregory to Forrest Powers and Erin A. Roark.

52 Countryside Drive; land and building; $328,000; Carol P. Fairfield to Judee L. Teichert.

8 Farm View Lane; land; $130,000; Donald A. Ricker to Robert Decamp.

15 Foxborough Drive; land and building; $250,000; Donna L. and Ronald E. Barton to George J. and Meredith K. Whitcher.

Garden Hill Drive; $300,000; Philip A. Roux T. and Susanne M. Chisholm to Marceau Real Estate Investments.

41 Longridge Drive; land and building; $314,933; Jordan T. Stopyra to Barrett R. Salta and Stephanie L. Pillsbury.

8 Tannery Hill Road; land and building; $464,000; Kevin and S. Beland T. and Kevin D. Beland to Courtney J. and Audra L. Kelly.

40 Weirs Road; restaurant/bar; $400,000; J. and S. Properties LLC to Stones Throw Realty LLC.

No address provided Lot 8-76; $385,000; Raymond L. and Lorraine Dalton to Messina Lt and Domenic J. Messina.

No address provided Lot 6; $15,000; Susan Robinson to Neil F. Shay.


68 Geddes Road; land and building; $120,000; USA HUD to Gate City Development Partners.

376 Mountain Road; land and building; $320,000; Gregory E. Tremblay and Sandra K. Anderson to James R. Bancoft.

3 Old Town Road; multi-family home; $289,933; William F. and Jo-anne Stendor to Jonathan M. Field.

No address provided Lot 57-57; $575,000; Donald A. and Patricia A. Medine to Robert Egbert and Kathleen Cuddy-Egbert.


Bear Hill Road; $25,000; Town of Henniker to Dias Scott Custom Building.

Bear Hill Road; $90,000; Elizabeth M. Towle to Kerri L. and Michael J. Goulet.

172 Craney Hill Road; city municipal property; $10,533; Town of Henniker to Diane J. Les Becquets.

161 Maple St.; land and building; $310,000; Joanne T. and Kevin J. Degnan to Christopher J. Boteilho and Everett J. Gage.

6 Old Mill Pond Road; $193,822; Jesse R. Bedgecomb and NHFA to New Hampshire Housing Fin.

126 Village Green; land and building; $240,000; Dana and Jan Myskowski to David and Taylor Carroll.

No address provided Lot 583; $42,000; Denise R. and John R. Getts to Austin Hawkes.


224 Bible Hill Road; land and building; $245,000; Peter W. Coleman to Elizabeth Peterson and Patricia Moore.

15 Winter Road; land and building; $215,000; Melinda M. and Charles M. Allaire to Melissa A. Hardy and Michael McCarthy.

30 Winter Road; land and building; $235,000; Arthur W. and Linda S. Krueger to Albert and Donna Castro.

No address provided Lot 5; $92,533; KBT Land Holdings LLC to Thomas J. and Pamela Marchand.

No address provided; $23,000; Gregory A. Jabar and Carol Kremidas to Mary Carter.


513 Gould Hill Road; land and building; $400,000; Linda F. Beyer to Carole and John S. Greene.

111 Sugar Hill Road; land and building; $370,000; Patrice M. and Robert Gerseny to David P. Untiet Ret and David P. Untiet.

No address provided; $240,000; Virginia Prescott to David M. Eneguess and Kelly A. Mccaskill.


32 Appleton St.; land and building; $82,000; Carmen A. Doucette Estate to Michael Allgair.

257 Belmont Road; land and building; $195,000; George P. Munsey III Estate and James M. Munsey to Randy H. and Melissa F. Annis.

40 Carriage Lane; land; $107,000; Bruce and Elizabeth J. Clow to Kenneth R. and Amy M. Brunelle.

80 Cottonwood Ave.; land and building; $245,000; Gail N. Beane to Taylor Community.

225 Country Club Road; land and building; $293,000; Shedland Ret and W. Scott Comstock to Roger W. Bailey.

257 Elm St.; land and building; $184,000; Phyllis A. Macdonald to Neil W. and Donna I. Wilson.

260 Elm St.; two-family home; $190,000; Michael J. Laurent to James F. and Terri A. Howe.

375 Endicott St., N. Unit 405; condominium; $81,000; Jim Tai to Garry T. and Angela R. Spence.

554 Endicott St., N. Unit 7; mobile home; $21,000; Stephen and Susan Ryan to Michael Murphy.

7 Harvest Lane Unit 7; condominium; $227,533; Gary H. and Janet S. Lantner to Katherine M. Sharpe.

161 Hilliard Road; $161,533; Jim and Bonnie Wilson to Marcel R. Lebrun.

34 Leigh Court; land and building; $280,000; Christopher and Jessica Laluna to Jeremiah J. Laflamme and Jennifer R. Fay-Laflamme.

60 Marshall Ct; land and building; $380,000; Robert J. and Karen Polish to Andrew Lane.

36 Massachusetts Ave.; land and building; $194,933; Ashley Danay-Marden and Christopher M. Marden to Brittany L. Shaffer and Nicholas A. Derepentigny.

102 Memory Lane; land and building; $297,000; Robert and Candace Somes Ret and Robert W. Somes to Robert and Sharon Cormier Ft and Robert Cormier.

124 Memory Lane; other exempt; $279,400; Weirs Beach Village LLC to Philip T. and Dawn M. Colameta.

Robin Circle Lot A2; $183,533; Charles and Mary M. McIsaac to Raymond and Mary Legassie.

231 S. Main St.; two-family home; $212,533; Leland C. and Peggy A. Dimond to Magey M. and Paulo C. Sanchez.

101 Shane Way Unit 5; condominium; $220,000; John C. Latino to Andrew S. Porter and Dianne L. Lafebvre.

115 Shane Way Unit 2; condominium; $230,000; David A. and Lori A. Stevens to TBCJ Gateway Realty LLC.

60 Siesta Lane; land and building; $240,000; Stacie L. Brown to Ernest and Denise Liakas Ft.

261 Turner Way; land and building; $556,000; Robert E. Egbert and Kathleen M. Cuddy-Egbert to Dana G. and Mary C. Borgeson.

257 Weirs Boulevard Unit 34; condominium; $195,000; Stephen and Susan Stekewich to Michael T. and Maryclaire E. Rowland.

883 Weirs Boulevard Unit 21; condominium; $186,000; Donna M. Donovaro to Patrick G. Naughton and Mark C. Misiorski.

1152 Weirs Boulevard Unit 23; condominium; $245,000; Joel Rodriguez and Gwen Lamuro to Candy M. Vetola.

No address provided; $12,533; Joseph F. and Patricia A. Lucherini to Robert and Nancy Daly.

No address provided Lot 51; $14,000; Michele Passanisi to Richard Miller.


Chichester Road; $350,000; James M. Gilbert to Raymond R. Boissoneau and Kelly L. Schroeder.

No address provided Lot 2-23-1; $365,000; Mullikin J. K. and Son Homes to Mallory and Matthew J. Vincent.


93 Blueberry Hill Road; land and building; $525,000; Kenneth A. Costa to James A. and Valerie J. Griffin.

9 Grouse Hollow Road Unit 9; condominium; $560,000; Charles R. Christian and Patricia C. Locascio to Skeeter T. and Craig Gruskowski.

105 Meredith Center Road; land and building; $245,000; William H. Phipot and Barbara Philpot to Ryan S. and Jennifer L. Slater.

227 Meredith Center Road; land and building; $460,000; Clayton and Najwa H. O’Hara to Joseph I. and Heidi Cullen.

20 Neal Shore Road; land and building; $200,000; Jeanne M. Rudzinski to Scott and Nancy Gallagher.

26 Skyview Circle; land and building; $365,000; Glenn M. and Michele L. Orlosky to John L. Frost and Nancy D. Nesheim.

29 Soley Lane; land and building; $360,000; Janet M. and Donald W. Smith to Janet M. Smith and Wayne C. Van Allen.

91 Upper Mile Point Drive; land and building; $555,000; Joyce E. Howe Ret and Joyce E. Howe to Hackett Ft and Paul R. Hackett.


688 Burpee Hill Road; land and building; $430,000; Colleen C. and Thomas H. Reynolds to Margaret L. Eisenbach.

249 County Road; other exempt; $560,000; Gregory M. Barban T. to New London Hospital Association.

48 Hilltop Place Unit 48; condominium; $232,533; Grace J. Petroskey to Lisa M. and William C. Partridge.

101 Red Brook Road; land and building; $374,000; David Cruz to Ronald Bersaglieri.


Bartlett Road; $700,000; Janet and Janet Mancuso-Rucker to Joni and Richard C. Stanchfield.

73 Emily Lane; land and building; $130,000; Louis R. and Vincent T. Marzelli to Allen Ret and Jason D. Allen.

41 Hilltop Drive; land and building; $235,000; Robert Donahue to Kristy L. Anthis and Mark Kiessling.

5 Pleasant St.; land and building; $337,000; Betty B. and Raymond J. Spahl to Dianna and John Mcsheffrey.

889 Route 103; restaurant/bar; $161,733; Louis and Vincent T. Marzelli to Welco Enterprises LLC.


8 Highland Mountain Road; land and building; $230,000; Brian J. and Melissa Y. Huckins to Sabina Mullin.

31 Highland Mountain Road; land and building; $219,933; Ava E. Tyler to Kara L. Dennen and Kode K. Gallagher.

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