Capital area real estate transfers from July 15 to 23

Published: 8/5/2019 2:38:29 PM

49 Andover Drive; land and building; $244,000; Judith A. Mahoney and Kenneth W. Dangelo to Patrick K. Brady and Cheryl Roberts-Brady.

14 Enfield Lane; land and building; $150,000; Alex C. and Sarah M. Finnemore to Douglas E. Finnemore.

Narrows Road Lot 10-3; $62,400; Craig L. Westlake to Warren A. Lucier.

14 Washington Court; land and building; $153,000; Andrew Duffy and Wells Fargo Bank to James J. Griffin.

3 Waterville Lane; land and building; $255,000; Edward L. Jereb to Stephanie K. and Richard Desmarais.

No address provided; $200,000; Michael F. and Marcia A. Richards to Christopher Atkinson and Stephanie Fowler.


46 Aiden Circle; land and building; $275,000; Nicholas I. Kaminski to Carly R. and Matthew J. Morris.

171 Daniel Webster Highway Unit 2; office condo; $92,000; UN Real Estate LLC to Belmont Landing LLC.

26 Federal St.; land and building; $308,533; Jennifer L. Comer to Anthony R. and Susan E. Mineo.

48 Glenridge Road; land and building; $237,200; Jay Griffin to Joanne M. and Peter D. Holmes.

94 Perkins Road; land and building; $195,000; Matthew J. and Carly R. Morris to Freddy H. Vidals and Demetrio Hoyos.

41 Peter Court; land and building; $220,000; Jordan A. and Lauren K. Richardson to Christopher R. and Desiree L. Chase.

No address provided Lot 45; $70,000; Mann Ft and Darrell L. Mann to Brandy Sharp.


25 Tremont St.; two-family home; $225,000; Patricia Mann and Thomas Yip to Paul N. Dimetri.


12 Bow Bog Road; land and building; $273,000; Elizabeth A. Beck to Amanda Kelley and Richard M. Kennedy.

Fawn Court; $85,000; Samuel Drive LLC to Dale and Karen Bengtson.

101 White Rock Hill Road; land and building; $319,933; Mark M. Brown and Amanda B. Degelsmith to Amy and George J. Daniels.


2616 State Route 103; land and building; $230,000; Anuradha and Vasu D. Saini to Angela M. and David R. Camire.

No address provided; $205,000; Deborah Bede to Gary A. and Jarna A. Perkins.

No address provided Lot 96; $66,666; Julie and Scott Bussiere to Julie C. and Scott A. Bussiere.

No address provided Lot 1; $145,000; Angela and David R. Camire to Laurie A. Medeiros.


30 High St.; land and building; $80,000; Nancy Hannagan to David D. and Brenda R. Littlefield.

436 N. Main St.; land and building; $166,000; Elsie J. Day 2005 T. and Maurice G. Day to Daniel E. Leblanc and Amanda J. Briggs.

16 O’Brien Road; land and building; $69,933; Cottage T. and Marjorie M. Gorman to Dana R. and Lisa A. Harrington.

950 Peaked Hill Road; land and building; $60,000; Jeffrey L. Goodrum to Abel J. Daigle.


106 Boyce Road; land and building; $220,000; Patricia E. and William H. Manning to Marriah Jung.


Short Falls Road; $78,533; Ende Nt and Robert A. Ende to Lucinda Reid.


134 Borough Road; land and building; $249,000; Constance D. and John P. Zobel to Adam C. and Alicia D. Chelmo.

3 Branch Tpke; land and building; $279,000; Deirdre J. Martin to Chie and Thomas A. Defelice.

35 Callaway Drive Unit 8; condominium; $255,000; Callaway Drive LLC to Nancy M. Kursewicz and Carol A. Sweeney.

43 Conant Drive; land and building; $375,000; Richard and Tracey L. Boisvert to Deidra L. and Michael J. Turmelle.

14 Gates St.; land and building; $229,933; Tamy A. Prescott to Michael J. Roux.

8 Look Out Circle Unit 8; condominium; $195,000; Matthew Pare to Patricia A. Crane and Kelly J. O’Connor.

109 Penacook St. Unit 1-10; condominium; $226,000; Annie and Ryan Lacasse to Robert C. Witham.

Pleasant Street; $4,650,000; 300 Pleasant St Condo LLC to Kre Bsl Husky Bedford LLC.

30 Roger Ave.; land and building; $239,000; Brian J. and John L. Downs to Shannon Lockwood and Jason H. Roberts.

98 Washington St.; land and building; $285,000; J. Robert and Michelle L. Jaques to Richard B. Bernhardt and Maureen El-Tohamy.

31 Welcome Drive; land and building; $400,000; Paul A. and Tara K. Kesig to Benjamin and Erika Mcelroy.

West Street; $195,000; Anne Q. Hartshorn to Dessislava Markova.

6 Whittaker Circle Unit 6; condominium; $203,000; Joanne and Peter Holmes to Tracy E. Angell.

No address provided Lot 8; $711,466; Lindley A. Baile-Shutz to Betsey Neville.


92 Coffeetown Road; land and building; $342,533; Kenneth A. Christ to Bryan T. and Krystin M. Cooney.

52 Lake Road; land and building; $410,000; Carr Nt and John F. Keenan to Alison B. Bennett.

131 Mount Delight Road; mobile home; $50,000; Stella and Michael Makar to Patrick and Nina Bonnell.

93-a North Road; land and building; $265,533; Terrence E. and Lauren E. Conroy to Patrick K. Seymour.

18 Raymond Road; land and building; $161,000; Paul J. Hussey and U.S. National Bank to 4NH Homes LLC.


Glen Road; $40,000; Rolanda A. Perreault to Nicholas J. Pringle.


206 Grapevine Road; land and building; $247,000; Erin E. Hinchey and Jared Mostue to Kevin M. Bennett and Jessica L. Besong.


256 Goboro Road; land and building; $242,000; Adam J. Smith and Corinne L. Trovato to Anthony M. Bonfanti.

144 Mount Delight Road; land and building; $149,850; Sheila Stephens and Midfirst Bank to Midfirst Bank.

162 Mount Delight Road; land and building; $243,000; Tyler Todd to Joshua W. Poticha.

149 North Road; $326,333; Tukcor Real Estate and Development to Adam J. Smith and Corinne L. Trovato.


89 East Bow St.; multi-unit home; $189,800; Elizabeth C. and John P. Baird to Joshua Fitz.

45 Lake Shore Drive; land and building; $293,000; Dargie Ft and Margaret A. Demos to Martha E. Marrapese.

No address provided Lot 55; $395,000; Richard O. Chandler to Berkshire Management T. and Mark McDonough.


6 Cumberland Road Unit 26; condominium; $162,533; Corey J. and Brittany A. Jackson to Anni M. Mulsow.

29 Garden Hill Drive; land and building; $740,000; Jason and Caroline Drouin to Brett E. and Amy L. Schneider.

Route 11; $252,000; Florence M. Cummins to 61 Liscomb Circle T. LLC.

9 Saltmarsh Pond Road; land; $260,000; Allan D. Whitney to Ida M. Haynes and Carl E. Daufen.

38 Saltmarsh Pond Road; land and building; $104,200; Theresa M. Fitzgerald and FNMA to FNMA.

65 Sprucewood Drive; land and building; $231,533; Leonore Pleeter Ret and Daniel Pleeter to Daniel B. and Alexandra P. Pelletier.

118 Weirs Road Unit 111; condominium; $109,000; Robert A. Lang to RHD LLC.

No address provided Lot F; $388,533; Peter V. Millham to Thomas E. and W. Elisabeth Glassey.


113 Hemlock Drive; land and building; $160,000; Faye Provost to Brandy W. Smith.

413 Loon Pond Road; land and building; $250,000; Paul L. and Janet T. Bailey to Ashley E. Grey and Edward J. Dempsey.

442 Loon Pond Road; land and building; $250,000; Mark and Carol Jesseman to Dalton A. Sprague.

70 Province Road; multi-unit home; $262,000; Robert and Linda C. Macguffie to Emily Bakos-White and Stephen D. White.

96 Tibbetts Road; land and building; $305,000; Lisa M. Blanchard to Eric E. Waldmann.

No address provided Lot 133x; $20,000; Stephen and Mary Schrempf to Shelley A. and Ernest H. Zintel.

No address provided; $150,000; Donald C. Young to Cheryl L. Ferruccio.


11 Village Green; land and building; $260,000; David D. Wasilew to Erik J. and Micheala J. Vanversendaal.

388 Western Ave., Unit F4; condominium; $55,000; Cathy E. Williams to AMS Properties LLC.

388 Western Ave., Unit H1; condominium; $154,933; Constance D. and James C. Chesebrough to Sarah E. Yell.


29 New Chester Road; land and building; $245,000; Christine M. and Randolph Rhude to Lisa M. and Peter J. Ciani.


128 Brockway Road; land and building; $299,800; Ann M. and Eric Greene to Meghan L. Flint and Paul L. Imgrund.

8 Watchtower Road; land and building; $335,000; Joshua and Sarah Coiner to Brian E. and Kristen L. Johnsen.


37 Captains Walk; land and building; $750,000; Fernand and Kathy J. Beaudet to John J. and Andrea J. Farrell.

37 Deerfield Turn Unit 37; condominium; $1,065,000; Romeo and Jeanne Lacasse to Nadine M. Ginsberg.

130 Endicott St., N., Unit 503; condominium; $107,000; Patricia L. Lee to French Ft and Linda J. French.

Golf Village Condo Unit 37; condominium; $313,000; Joseph A. Pimentel and Karen A. Johnson to Robert N. Creighton.

27 Hawthorne St.; land and building; $205,000; James M. Reagan to Jerecho Mcneil.

13 Marshall Ct; $254,000; Spencer J. Rowe and Pennymac Loan Services to MG Holdings LLC.

Outerbridge Drive Lot 12; $18,000; Edward J. Coverrdale and Sharon A. Coverdale to Matthew W. and Krysten B. Deveaux.

10 Songbird Lane Unit 10; condominium; $410,000; Daniel T. and Debra A. Feeley to Matthew and Krystan B. Deveaux.

1198 Union Ave., Unit 1-16; deeded slip; $75,000; Mark Regillo to Steven M. and Doreen S. Boyer.

1198 Union Ave., Unit 1-17; deeded slip; $90,000; Helen M. Steenbeke to Raymond and Ann M. Barnes.

1198 Union Ave., Unit 2-27; deeded slip; $52,000; Steven M. Boyer and Doreen Smith-Boyer to Timothy Johnson.

9 Village Court; land and building; $350,000; Raymond P. Legassie and Mary L. Legasie to Daniel R. Hodgsin.

335 Weirs Boulevard; land and building; $610,000; Michael S. Maguire and Mary R. Blane to Harrison Price.

833 Weirs Boulevard Unit D2; condominium; $162,000; Gerard J. and Marylyn E. Kidder to Lisa Bissonnette.

Wentworth Cove Road; $731,333; Avis B. Nichols T. and Judith N. Moyer to Anthony N. and Mary E. Prevett.


Kenney Road; $39,000; Leroy H. and Patricia J. Bragdon to Ryan F. Abell.


Batchelder Hill Road Lot; land; $70,000; Nancy E. Kohler to Dale and Annette Vincent.

269 Chemung Road; land and building; $366,000; Robert B. and Susan E. MacDonald to Ann L. Visser-Depp.

2 Circle Drive; land and building; $245,000; Cinda and Thomas Shepard to Kurt and Jessica S. Graustein.

Cygnet Shores Condo Unit 20; condominium; $650,000; George A. and Gail Anderson to Mark P. Devins.

45 Eaton Ave.; land and building; $385,000; Elaine S. Clark to Scott and Pamela Goodwin.

Grange Road; $50,000; 53 Deerwood Hollow LLC to 570 Laconia Road LLC.

123 Meredith Center Road; two-family home; $70,000; Cherolyn Pierce and Mellon Bank of New York to Pilot Realty LLC.

144 Meredith Center Road; land and building; $70,000; Dennis P. and Lucienne M. Boulanger to Timothy M. McDonald.

287 Meredith Neck Road; land and building; $349,000; Raymond J. Creteau to S. Shumski-Greene.

138 Old Center Harbor Road; land and building; $95,000; Winnipseogee Investment Management LLC to Daniel and Jennifr Dube.


Dana Hill Road; $144,933; Richard D. Simpson Pt and Tania Simpson to Barbara and Paul Stambo.

216 Gordon Hill Road; land and building; $357,000; Gordon Family Lp to Edward D. and Carla M. MacDonald.

626 Old Bristol Road; land and building; $70,000; John M. Antonis and Martha F. Kuplin to Ralph Gravallese.


208 Fenwood Commons Unit 208; condominium; $163,000; Safwat Bennett Nt and Ruth R. Bennett to Barbara S. Whited.

51 Rowell Hill Road; land and building; $526,000; MG Holdings LLC to Dana E. and John D. Pyle.

No address provided Lot 22; $685,000; Samuel Drive LLC to Scott A. Biron Lt and Carol E. Biron.


No address provided Lot 101; $255,000; Joseph L. and Kristi Alkathiri to S. T. Shimabukuro-Ananos and Graciela Yolanda-Bollman.


119 Park St.; land and building; $185,000; Byron and Cynthia J. Dalton to Samantha L. and Sherry L. Collinge.


144 Harmony Road; land and building; $395,000; Myriam Trebuchon to John S. and Ardith M. Henry.

Lake Shore Drive; $20,000; Anthony Robert Estate to Karen T. Brush.

206 Long Pond Road; land and building; $292,000; Jason and Anna Ouellette to Scott D. and Lauren M. McGrath.


8 Central St.; land and building; $140,000; Lucien W. Brasley to Rickey Valley.

6 Colonial Drive; land and building; $325,000; Bryan J. and Theresa Christiansen to Hollie A. Capuano and Kevin P. Monahan.

188 Main St.; land and building; $214,000; Anthony and Karen Blake to Mary C. Duryea and Aaron Michaels.

9 Millard St.; land and building; $221,000; MDR Rehab and Development LLC to Kristen A. Rivard and Stephen R. Spekhardt.

606 N. Pembroke Road; forest use; $120,000; Kristin A. Nolin to Anthony J. Ladds.

10 Savage Court Unit 10; condominium; $175,933; Kara O’Connell to Jodi Alexander.

24 Sherwood Meadows; land and building; $251,533; Marguerite A. Martin to Andre A. and Pauline V. Toulouse.


Loudon Road; $200,000; Emma Reed-Elliott and Robert J. Elliott to GSSG N.H. Pittsfield East.

No address provided Lot 6-1; $185,000; Patricia R. Carson Ret and Kathleen J. Beltrami to Barn 121 Ret and Jesse Bousquet.


9 Carmel Drive; land and building; $345,533; James E. and Barbara A. Logan to William B. and Sarah B. Kindl.

11 Cummings St.; land and building; $192,000; Jarrod M. and Meridith A. Mitchell to Stephanie A. Sprout.

479 Daniel Webster Highway; land and building; $155,000; Christopher L. Saffici to Christabel A. Chadwick.

26 Plaza Village Road Unit D; condominium; $68,000; Jonathan D. Colantuoni to Leslie Walker.

33 Yeaton Road; land and building; $255,000; Jose and Megan C. Huerta to Adam Mayon and Zi Liang.

122 Yeaton Road; land and building; $200,000; Elaine L. Melquist to Christine T. Miller.


29 Johnson Road; land and building; $285,000; Cynthia B. Moon to Daniel J. and Kori E. Wogksch.

N.H. Route 132; $106,000; Tri County Cap Inc. and William D. Anderson to David P. Leassonde and Naomi A. Lassonde.

288 Woodman Road; land and building; $260,000; Walter C. Joslyn to Cory A. and Lissa J. Tupeck.


Adams Landing Condo Unit 48; condominium; $94,533; Entrust Group to Thomas E. Allen.


57 Old Main Road; land and building; $148,000; Barbara J. Annis Ret and Karen E. Lincoln to Christopher W. Corriveau.


80 Bartlett Drive; land and building; $245,000; Kenneth B. and Kimberly A. Borden to Walter L. Chavez-Amaya.

25 Boisvert Road; mobile home; $63,000; El Winter Street Ret and Normand E. Hebert to Sumrock Holdings LLC.

101 Chuck St. South; land and building; $245,000; Lance A. Beglin to Ryan H. and Danielle R. Gardner.

132 Dustin Tavern Road; multi-unit home; $425,000; Frank M. Boudreau to Michele and Nicole L. Wilcox.

26 N. Stark Highway; multi-unit home; $193,533; Karin L. Provencher to Allison Provencher.

67 Old Town Road; land and building; $278,000; Timothy and Elaine Donohoe to Jeremie and Brittany M. Wilson.

1193 River Road; land and building; $265,000; FNMA to Samantha and Shawn Hart.

Route 114; $283,000; Jeffrey C. Brown to James H. and Gail A. Watts.


Battle Street; land; $85,000; Cynthia A. Gardella to Dintel H. Van.

33 Concord Drive; land and building; $239,933; Edward P. Leblanc Irt and Jill Colardeau to Kevin J. Pomata.

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