Letter: Seek to understand

Published: 4/8/2021 11:02:07 AM

William Politt suggests, “Let’s not have another such red-letter day soon” in his tirade against letter writers who don’t share his point of view. Considering the overarching number of “blue-letter days” in the Monitor, he should be celebrating the diversity of thought and inclusion of opinions that are not always in unison with his own. Mr. Politt seems to believe that readers should be mum if they don’t agree with an opinion or slant of a news source. I can’t keep track of how many times letter writers have suggested that if you don’t like the tone or opinions in the Monitor that “there is another newspaper in the state that might be more to your liking.” In other words, these folks value validation versus intellectual curiosity.

Unfortunately, our country is divided because folks are firmly planted in their beliefs, in particular with the left insisting that “the debate is over.” We all have firmly held beliefs and I have found myself changing my opinion through understanding other’s views, even some of the more reasonable ones in the Monitor. The opinion pages reflect the perspective of the publisher who may or may not be surrounded by folks who agree, but these are only individuals with a point of view often with no particular expertise. I suggest that Mr. Politt first seek to understand why others have a different belief, open his mind to thoughts other than the doctrine which he believes and intelligently respond in kind.

Bill Bunker

Barnstead, NH

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