Letter: Numbers don't add up on SRO

Published: 4/26/2021 9:00:10 AM

I was wondering who wrote an article full of statistics about what happens when a school has an SRO. Nice pile of numbers and statistics. Looking at the numbers, you would think that every minority in every school that has an SRO has been suspended at least twice, otherwise how do you get such high numbers? How about the fact that some kids constantly act up and get removed from the classroom often because they are disruptive to everyone else that the teachers are trying to educate. Maybe the lawyers involved in the article should actually spend some time in a classroom themselves and just shut up and observe what is happening.

Many teachers can tell you how supposed parents that lack any skills at bringing up a child will expect their run amok child to be taken care of by the teachers, but berate the teacher when the kids lash out. Many of the social engineering lawyers have zero concept of what it is like to educate a room full of children when the teachers are also expected to do the job the kids’ parents will not do, which is teaching respect and paying attention to others around you. As for the numbers the letter came up with, "statistics can be used to prove or disprove anything you want and be crafted to enhance every one of those points, but statistics very often fail when statistically compared to reality."

Donald Armstrong


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