Letter: NH independence

Published: 9/16/2021 7:00:09 AM

I want to respond to a story involving a small group of extremists on both sides of the political divide who took a swipe at one of our reps, Mike Sylvia, the other day. Mike was involved in a small virtual town hall-style discussion on issues impacting New Hampshire. A dozen or so representatives and leaders in our state are trying to gather ideas and opinions on how to best resolve the bullying of New Hampshire by Washington, D.C. This led to the possibility of responding in kind with threats of NH declaring independence.

Washington has for a long time undermined the voting rights and devalued the voting power of NH citizens. They have manipulated state representatives on both sides of the aisle through threats and an immoral, corrupt taxation scheme. The design of the U.S. was always intended to give states a lot of power while acting as a go-between for resolving interstate disputes. 100 years ago however, Washington D.C. started taxing NH citizens and ever since the federal government has been bribing our state legislature into passing laws that are not in our interests. When we refuse to play along the federal government withholds money owed to the state for roads, ridges, and more. A legislative discussion on divorcing Washington in some manner is not a Republican or Democratic issue and we need to stop the bickering with each other if we want to see the “live free or die” state thrive moving forward.

Christopher Waid



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