Letter: Let’s do the work

Published: 03-28-2023 7:00 AM

Which is harder, being a parent or being a teacher? The answer is: both are challenging. But put the energy of teachers and parents together, and children thrive and grow. Role models multiply and are evident everywhere when parents and schools join forces. Look no farther than your local PTO to see that. Together, parents and teachers can work to solve real problems, like cyber bullying, which is a danger to kids everywhere.

Who better to do this than members of the community? We have the local control to make changes. (After all, who pays ¾ of the taxes to fund schools: local taxpayers). Finger-pointing distracts from the big issue, the well-being of all our children. Tell representatives in the NH legislature today we want schools and parents to work together. There is so much to do. As we know, it takes a village.

Beth Fox



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