My Turn: Sanders, Warren are not the answer for Democrats

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Published: 12/29/2016 12:19:58 AM

Democrats need to give the Tim Ryan wing of the party a chance, not Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

A recent Monitor Board of Contributors column (Monitor Forum, Dec. 15), accused the Democratic Party of arrogance for backing Hillary Clinton. However, going to the Sens. Sanders-Warren wing of the party will set the party back even further than the Clinton elitist wing did.

Rep. Ryan of Ohio correctly assessed that the Democratic Party lost its way and abandoned the middle-income working people of the party. The party message was for every traditional Democratic Party constituency except working people. Ryan ran against Rep. Nancy Pelosi for House minority leader but the Democrats still did not get it. They re-elected Pelosi with no message for the largest, most reliable constituency of the party: hard-working people in the middle class and those who want to grow their incomes to join the middle class.

American blue-collar workers elected President-elect Donald Trump just like they did when President Ronald Reagan asked the American people, “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” in 1980. That question resonated with working people then as much as “Make America Great Again” did this year.

The author of that Dec. 15 article is concerned that the Trump election will set the country back 50 years. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Trump administration will take the foot of an overreaching federal government off the neck of the free enterprise system that has created the largest concentration of middle-class wealth the world has ever seen.

On the contrary, a Sanders-Warren wing will re-establish a big government socialism economy that has its roots in the 1848 Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx. That philosophy will set our country back 168 years.

Can you name one country that has established socialism as its economic policy that is not defended by NATO and has such a cultural diversity as the U.S., that has created a successful economy with such a prosperous middle class as the U.S.? Even the southern European socialistic nations defended by NATO would be bankrupt and unable to meet their social obligations for their people if free enterprise Germany was not willing to write a check and finance their toxic national debt.

How many times do we have to entertain the concept of socialism when we know that every time we see a nation try out socialism, it fails? When President-elect Trump spent his political capital and called the CEO of United Technologies to save 1,100 manufacturing jobs that were headed for Mexico, one would think that Sen. Sanders would applaud that effort to keep jobs in America. If he was really for the working people, he could have tweeted that it is great that 1,100 families will have a peaceful, joyous holiday season without the stress of knowing that they were going to be unemployed in 2017.

Instead, Sanders tweeted that UTX did not get slammed with higher taxes. Instead the greedy corporation got a tax break. He tweeted that UTX pulled the wool over the eyes of Trump and UTX won. So much for supporting the working people.

The Trump administration will grow the U.S. free enterprise system with a complete overhaul of our antiquated tax code, reduce wasteful regulations and rebuild the American infrastructure like President Eisenhower did in 1956. With a pro-growth economy, personal incomes will rise, allowing the folks with only a high school education, who are hard-working people, to participate in our growing economy.

Today, because of the Democrats’ no-growth economic policies, working people cannot receive a decent interest rate on their savings to help fund their children’s college education and save for their retirement. People have to save more money with these artificially low interest rates in order to have enough principal to retire with. This increase in savings principal lowers people’s consumption spending, thus not allowing our consumption economy to grow.

Even retirement fund managers, who invest for working people to have enough money to make the proper payments at retirement, are deficient because there is not a high enough safe rate for investing retirement funds. The Democratic Party ignored the interest of working people, and it chose the person next in line to the throne. They thought that the Democratic superdelegates knew better who would win. They ignored the voices of regular Democratic voters and used superdelegates, the establishment politicians, to pick Clinton instead of Sanders. Seniority was more important than the message.

I agree that the Democratic establishment politicians are out of touch with working people in our country. Perhaps Democrats like Rep. Tim Ryan and others can begin to lead the party so that we can have a substantive debate about important issues that affect the middle- and lower-income working people in our country instead of talking about emails, servers and Clinton Foundation money.

(Joseph Mendola lives in Warner.)

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