Letter: Pelosi has accomplished nothing

Published: 2/26/2021 12:02:02 AM

To Speaker Pelosi: Like most Americans, I have tried to remain patient as you and your fellow Democrats use your majority to push your agendas. Your bully tactics have grown old. When I see the wasted dollars and time that you are responsible for, especially this second sham impeachment, you are obviously pursuing your own personal vendetta against President Trump and have no desire to fulfill your obligation to being a representative of the people. For the last four years you have led the House in accomplishing nothing of substance. Yours has been a party of obstruction, wokeness, and revenge.

During your 45 years as a politician I have yet to see anything substantive come from you that would be beneficial to America. I can assure you that our nation would be better served if you were to retire from politics, but we both know that you have no intention of leaving. I would therefore implore you to begin working for the people and not your party’s own agenda. Given the Democrats now have control of the House, Senate, and White House, you need to stop the blame game and get to work. The pandemic has been so devastating for the average American and unfortunately the political elites like yourself are completely oblivious to our situation. I am anxious to see what message your party is going to communicate to America over the next two years. I can promise you that Americans will communicate their message, whether you like it or not, at the voting booths in two years.



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