Letter: Making sense on guns

Wednesday, August 09, 2017
Making sense on guns

What a terrific article about the gun situation in the United States (Sunday Monitor Forum, Aug. 6). So nice to read a logical, well-written piece about this issue.

The NRA and gun manufacturers have been on this huge promotional campaign for many years now convincing people they need to have guns, lots of guns, to protect themselves from a government takeover or a mass of drug-crazed invaders. What is so puzzling and sad is that it has worked so well.

Fox News and delusional right-wing radio broadcasters have caused masses of people to run out and spend large amounts of money they should be using to improve their lives on weapons. We need many more articles like the “gun delusion” one with facts and honesty to counter this mess. Over 30,000 people killed in this country every year by guns is unbelievable. People in other countries are shocked by this phenomenon of masses of people walking around with guns in the United States.

We have to start electing representatives who actually care about saving lives and promoting the facts about guns instead of getting payoffs from gun manufacturers.

Anyway, this article was a nice step in the right direction. Thank you, Debra Marshall.