Good news for folks with disabilities

Last modified: Tuesday, April 10, 2012
As an advocacy organization committed to making public places accessible to people with disabilities, the Disabilities Rights Center found yesterday's Concord Monitor full of good news.

First, we read that the Concord Country Club is building an addition specifically designed to welcome members and guests with disabilities. And then we discovered that Intown Concord (formerly known as Main Street Concord) has decided to move into the fully accessible Smile Building because, as Interim Executive Director Kim Murdoch discovered, 'volunteers, partners and even board members' were unable to participate in activities and meetings held in their former, inaccessible office space.

We applaud the willingness of Concord Country Club and Intown Concord to remove architectural barriers to full participation and hope that other businesses, organizations and building owners will follow their lead and make Concord a good place for everyone to work, shop, live and play.