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Last modified: 8/6/2012 12:00:00 AM

New Hampshire's public schools are performing well. According to NAEP assessments, we have the highest proportion of proficient or advanced students in the country. Additionally, New Hampshire is the top performing NECAP-tested state in most categories. No doubt, we've been providing our children a quality education.

So why did Republicans in the New Hampshire House spend the past two years attacking our schools?

The first step was weakening public education. House Bill 595 was an attempt to eliminate compulsory school attendance. HB 631 would have eliminated universal kindergarten. HB 429 attempted to lower the dropout age. HB 542 allows parents to object to material, even if it's factual, and requires the school to develop a special curriculum for their child.

The next step was de-funding public schools. HB 340 was a tax abatement for parents of children in private school. HB 1 cut state college and university support by 48 percent, even though New Hampshire already ranked last in such support. HB 1607 yanks $130 million from public schools over the next 10 years and effectively gives your tax money to private or religious schools instead.

Let's not forget the relentless denigration of teachers.

That's shameful. Public education built this country, and our teachers are sacrificing their earning potential to prepare the next generation of leaders. I am running for state representative for Deering, Goffstown and Weare because I believe in public education. I would not have supported these bills, and my opponent Rep. Mark Warden did.



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