Letter: I’d like a seat in the House

Last modified: 11/1/2012 12:21:00 PM
I’m running to be your state representative in Hillsborough County District 39, Deering, Goffstown and Weare.

I’m a 36-year-old small business loan underwriter for a New Hampshire community bank, a conservation commission officer, property taxpayer, husband and lover of Volkswagens, drumming and gardening.

I’m also keen on local politics. Over the past two years, I’ve seen some extreme behavior coming from the people’s House, and I’m quite certain these actions do not represent the character and wishes of my neighbors.

We’re a pragmatic people, who understand the folly of being pennywise and pound foolish, like purposely denying federal matching funds to fulfill a personal agenda, resulting in the downshifting of costs to property taxpayers. We also know when we’ve been lied to, like the House focusing on a social agenda after campaigning on a fiscal one.

Yes, we appreciate the value of a dollar, but we also understand education is the key to our economic future, roads and bridges are necessary for New Hampshire’s robust commerce, and a fair distribution of our tax burden is only right.

We also know that government should stay out of our bedrooms, our bodies, and our personal relationships.

If you’re unhappy with the actions of your state representatives, please vote for fresh voices. I’d love your vote. For more information on my campaign, please visit NHGill.com.



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