Letter: The solution is a carbon tax

Last modified: 5/14/2013 11:27:02 AM
Re “Concord students should be made more aware of environment” (Monitor Forum, May 9):

Kudos to Kyle Klose who described how Concord schools taught him to value critical thinking and creativity, and why this training is important in guiding him to find a sustainable lifestyle (one which recognizes limits).

However, I disagree with one of his statements. He said climate change is hard to talk about because there aren’t clear-cut solutions. But there is a clear-cut solution to climate change: a carbon tax.

The reason we have a climate change problem is that fossil-fuel users are allowed to emit pollution into our atmosphere for free. A carbon pollution tax is levied on each type of fossil fuel based on how much carbon it emits into the air. The dirtiest fossil fuels will increase in price the most, and electricity from cleaner fossil fuels, solar and wind power would be able to compete against them. Our carbon emissions would drop.

Most proposals for carbon taxes rebate the revenue to households so folks can cope with rising energy prices. This solution is supported by Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, scientists, economists, legal scholars and policy wonks.

Why isn’t Congress working on a carbon tax? Because Americans aren’t writing and calling their representatives and senators daily asking for a carbon tax. Tell Sen. Kelly Ayotte you want a carbon tax. She will listen when enough constituents speak up.


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