A better way to keep kids organized

Last modified: Wednesday, September 04, 2013
Some better ways to keep kids organized

Organization and time management are challenging for people of all ages, but they are especially difficult for middle-school kids. Very often, they haven’t been directly taught the essential skills for keeping track of assignments and upcoming events, and they struggle with keeping their materials together.

At The Beech Hill School, we have an entire class dedicated to teaching and applying these skills. “Skills” class is taken by all of our students, from the sixth through the eighth grade.

We give them a wide variety of strategies and approaches, in order to prepare them for their future roles as high school, then college and graduate students, and for their future roles in whatever career paths they choose. Many of these tools are web-based, or use mobile technology (tablets and smart phones), but just as many are paper and pencil-based.

For example, we have developed a formal note-taking system that combines the skills of summarizing, recording and revision. The kids also create and use a study hall plan to help with time management and planning for their in-school work time. Most important, in “Skills” class, we teach the habits of mind that enable kids to be flexible, creative and persistent, all qualities that are necessary in today’s rapidly evolving world.


English, language arts teacher

The Beech Hill School, Hopkinton