Letter: Athletic trainers keep kids safe

Last modified: 12/5/2013 10:46:02 AM
In her column “We must take concussions among young athletes seriously” (Monitor Forum, Dec. 4), Dr. Patricia Edwards makes some important points. Coaches are not fully prepared to handle all injury concerns.

Concussions are a hot topic, but there are many other injuries that can have lifelong consequences. Coaches often do not have significant medical training, and they have may things to focus on. If only there was a medical professional specifically educated in sport injury prevention and care and whose only job was the safety of the athlete.

Oh, there is? Yes, the athletic trainer! Not the “fitness” trainers in the gym, athletic trainers are licensed health care professionals whose only responsibility is athlete safety. They are recognized by the American Medical Association as the allied health professional best prepared to handle the daily needs of the student-athlete. Unfortunately, not all high schools and few middle schools and club teams have access to them.Cost is often a cited factor, but what is more important than safety? If a program cannot afford the appropriate safety precautions, they should not run the program!

Please, parents, check the credentials of the adult who is in charge of your children’s well-being during their athletic participation. If it is not an athletic trainer, ask why.



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