Endowment for Health gives grants to four N.H. communities to develop immigrant integration plans

Last modified: Saturday, May 03, 2014
Concord’s Second Start is one of four organizations in the state to receive grant money from the Endowment for Health to address integrating new Americans into the community.

Over the next several months, community leaders from the city, school district, local churches and groups started by former refugees from Africa and Bhutan will work together to develop a plan. If the Endowment for Health approves the plan, the group will receive money for implementing it over the next three years.

Lakes Region Partnership for Public Health Inc. of Laconia, the Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success in Manchester and United Way of Greater Nashua Inc. also received the grants, at $11,000 each.

“We’re looking for each community to come up with a plan that looks at multiple sectors, though it doesn’t have to hit every sector in a community, as long as it looks across various sectors that touch the lives of people in a community,” said Kelly LaFlamme, program director at the endowment.