Letter: Northern Pass just doesn’t add up

Last modified: 10/25/2015 7:07:04 AM
I am writing to you in response to your Northern Pass editorial (Monitor Opinion, Oct. 18), as a 19-year Concord resident living on the former PSNH right of way.

For the record, I am pro-growth, pro-energy and pro-prosperity. When I purchased my property in 1996, I was not so naive to think that demand on electricity in New Hampshire would decline in the future, although I question the wisdom of summarily dismantling functional energy sources.

Putting that aside, I am also writing as a former 2nd lieutenant from the 242nd Engineering Battalion from Connecticut who questions the assertions made by Bill Quinlan, the president of Eversource, at the Sept. 2 open house in Concord.

In that meeting, he and his staff claimed that the cost of burying the transmission lines would be cost prohibitive as compared to erecting the towers. So I would ask your readers to consider the following:

If you can accept that the cost of cutting and clearing 40 feet of pine along the Concord right of way, steel, fabricating lattice components, assembling the lattice, excavating and pouring concrete supports, lattice transport to its final destination, erecting the lattice and laying in the cable amounts to $3 million per mile, how can burying two 6-inch diameter cables, 13 inches apart, several feet deep, with backhoes and excavators along a softened corridor like Interstate 93, cost $8 million to $13 million dollars per mile?



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