Bride-to-bride advice from Kelly Greenwood

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Published: 2/4/2019 2:03:00 PM

Kelly Ennis and Jeremiah Totten-Greenwood, both of Concord, were married Aug. 10 at Birch Wood Vineyards in Derry. Kelly answered a few questions about her wedding and the planning behind it.

What was the best part of your wedding?

The best part of the wedding was finally getting to marry the boy I fell in love with back in third grade! He is my best friend and it was a blast having the opportunity to finally make it official in front of our closest friends and family. It is one of the only times in your life that everyone you love and care about gathers together to celebrate you. It is a very special and surreal feeling. It was the best day!

What was the most fun part of planning?

The most fun part of planning for me was executing the style and vision we had for our wedding, as well as crafting much of the rustic decor for our wedding. It goes without saying that Jeremiah’s favorite part of wedding planning was the food tasting at our venue! Both of our parents joined us to trial the food for our special day. It was a very memorable night and we all left happy and 10 pounds heavier!

What was the most difficult part of planning?

The most difficult part of the planning process was finding the time to plan; it becomes a second, full-time job! The planning process is overwhelming and at times was difficult to check things off the list, especially when many checklist items are time-sensitive. I think investigating various venues to try to fit all of our needs and our budget was a pretty eye-opening and time-consuming activity. Once we fell in love with Birch Wood Vineyards, we were able to really envision our wedding a lot better and were excited to turn our visions into a reality!

Did you plan your own wedding or hire a wedding planner?

Jeremiah and I planned our own wedding. We were very fortunate to have the staff at Birch Wood Vineyards assist us in day-of decor set up and in answering all of our logistical questions throughout our wedding planning process. They were so helpful in calming our nerves throughout the process!

Who else was involved in your wedding planning?

Jeremiah and I were the primary planners of our wedding. However, we definitely took some suggestions from our parents and had some inspiration from other friends and family members who had been married in the past few years. We also used The Knot to assist us in reading reviews and booking vendors that best fit our vision and needs.

What was a unique feature of your wedding?

We wrote our own vows, which I thought was very special. Also, Bert Ford of Ford Flower Co. was exceptional in making our flowers very unique to us; from hanging orbs, to aisle decor, to wreaths on the fireplaces, it looked amazing and made it stand out from other weddings at the venue. We also had a violinist, Yolanda Becker of Strings For All Occasions, play beautifully at our ceremony, which made it unique.

Did anything not go according to plan?

Honestly, most everything came together nicely. One snafu was that my veil kept catching on the stone walkway, while I was walking down the aisle with my dad. In the end, it made the experience that much more memorable! A tip I would give to future brides would be, only you know if something is off. None of your guests know how anything is supposed to go, so try not to focus on what isn’t going right and focus more on taking in the special moments of the day!

Did you have to go to any Plan B from your original vision?

No. However, I would recommend having a back-up plan for weather (which we did). I can recall checking the weather like an insane person every day leading up to our wedding!

If you had to do it again, would you change anything?

Jeremiah and I kept with the more traditional wedding ceremony sequence, in that we did not see each other before the ceremony for a “first look.” We wanted to maintain that special moment walking down the aisle, with Jeremiah seeing me for the first time. The problem with this was that it only gave us one hour to take all of our photos, including family photos, and caused us to miss the entire cocktail hour. The photo session felt rushed because of this, so a first look is something we may have considered if we had to get married all over again!

How long did it take to plan your wedding?

We were engaged in August 2017 and were married August 2018, taking us about one year to plan our special day.

Do you have any vendor recommendations?

We would advise that you be very explicit in which photos you want taken on your special day. Do not assume the photographer knows what you want. You do not get the day back, so make sure you get all the photos you have been dreaming about!

Overall, we had amazing vendors: venue, Birch Wood Vineyards; DJ, Get Down Tonight Entertainment; violinist, Strings For All Occasions’s Yolanda Becker; photography/videography, Once Like A Spark; flowers, Ford Flower Co.; dress, Stella Grace Bridal; makeup/hair, SR Artistry with Shana Lima; and rehearsal dinner, Cask & Vine in Derry.

Any other advice for couples planning their wedding?

One piece of advice for couples getting married would be to enjoy the day and try really hard to take everything in. Be sure to take a moment after your ceremony to spend 5 minutes with just each other, share a champagne toast to being newlyweds and enjoy a quiet, private moment to yourselves before the reception! It was definitely one of our favorite moments of our wedding day.

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