Letter: A better highway path

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A significant amount of east-west and Vermont traffic could be eliminated from Interstate 93, from Exit 15 (Interstate 393) to Exit 12 and Bow Junction (Interstate 89), which is currently funneled through Concord on the ridiculous “Z” shaped pattern with a very short extension of I-89 across the Merrimack River to link up with Routes 3 and 106 in Pembroke. This could reduce I-93 congestion by extending the circumferential highway around Concord from I-393 to I-89 on an improved Route 106.

This would allow the east-west-south traffic from Routes 202/4/9/106 to proceed to I-89 and I-93 south around Concord rather than be funneled through it on the I-93 “Z” pattern, thus allowing less severe reconstruction of I-93 through the city.