Letter: Republican Party has blood on its hands

Published: 1/14/2021 12:01:20 AM

After the attack on the Capitol building, I ended up doing something that I thought I would never do: A lifelong Republican, I went to my town hall and changed my political affiliation to independent.

Donald Trump has been a disaster. The final straw for me was his handling of the pandemic, which was why I didn’t vote for him (or JoeBiden). Instead, I put in a protest vote.

The Republican Party has let me down by enabling his delusions of voter fraud and cost the Republicans the elections in Georgia. His attempt to thwart the electoral vote counting by trying to get Vice President Mike Pence to go along with him (which he had no power to do) and then sending a mob to the Capitol building to try to stop the vote is distressing.

This was not a change I took lightly. But the fact that the enablers in the party were more concerned about their jobs than about doing the right thing was what made me finally decide that it was time. The Republican Party is no longer the party that I remember. Because of their choice to enable Trump’s delusions of conspiracy theories, they now have blood on their hands.



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