Letter: Free advertising for Duprey’s latest project

Published: 6/22/2019 12:01:30 AM
Modified: 6/22/2019 12:01:18 AM

Was Tuesday, June 18, particularly devoid of newsworthy items? What else explains the Monitor’s fluffing out Wednesday’s front page with a 40-plus-column-inch free advertisement for Steve Duprey’s latest project? Is this really the best use of the paper’s space, to say nothing of writer Caitlin Andrews’s and photographer Geoff Forester’s talents?

Concord already has a Ninety-Nine, Applebee’s, Olive Garden, Longhorn, Chipotle, Buffalo Wild Wings. Does the addition of yet another national chain restaurant merit front-page treatment? Or is the big news the chain’s escape from the quarantine of Loudon Road into the previously safe South End?

The Monitor is a NEWSpaper. There’s no news in another same-old, same-old dumbed-down menu in another same-old, same-old cookie-cutter restaurant, attached to another soulless Duprey hexahedron.



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