Letter: Don’t eliminate education tax-credit scholarship

Published: 2/2/2019 12:00:58 AM

I knew my son was special from an early age. He was bright, highly intelligent and destined for great things. On the recommendation of his pediatrician, I home-schooled him for the first few years. He flourished and was reading several grade levels ahead.

In third grade, he wanted to go to school to have more interaction with kids his own age. During that year, his academic progress sputtered to a standstill and began to decline. He was not challenged enough. He also faced countless incidents of bullying at school, and despite my best efforts to work with the teachers and school leaders, it never relented.

I was running out of options and desperately searching for an alternative where my son could be in a safe and caring classroom setting, while also being challenged academically.

I applied for the education tax-credit scholarship last year and, after tense months on the wait list, found out that my son was a recipient.

The difference his new school has made is like night and day. He is in a smaller class setting based on his skill level, and he wakes up every morning excited to go to school to see his friends and to learn. He made the honor roll last semester and is working hard to repeat that.

To New Hampshire lawmakers: Please do not eliminate the education tax-credit scholarship program. Hundreds of low-income families like mine rely on it to give their children the education they deserve at schools that fit their needs.



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