Letter: We can’t be bought

Tuesday, March 13, 2018
We can’t be bought

I understand that Eversource is dangling a few carrots in front of us in the hope that it will somehow change the fact that its proposal did not meet the criteria by which the Site Evaluation Committee is required to judge it. Apparently the company thinks it can buy New Hampshire.

Fortunately, I see no indication that the many who worked for seven years (seven years!) to inform and educate the rest of us have any intention of being bought, and likewise those of us who learned from them.

All over our country and our world “progress” is eating up places of indescribable beauty, places that once desecrated can never be returned to their natural gorgeous state. We in New Hampshire know we have a gem, and we intend to guard it. After all, we live in a state where people stand up for what they believe and where government works for the people.


Alton Bay