The SceneStudents collect coins for food pantry

  • Lindsay Nye’s first-grade class at the Henniker Community School presents a check to the Henniker Food Pantry. Courtesy photos

  • Pre-schooler Kaelyn Murphy and first graders Max Mullen and Ryder Umlah count coins.

  • Siblings Eli Murrary, a preschooler, and Tylen Murray, a first-grade student, count coins.

  • Ronan McHugh, a pre-schooler, and Abe Foote, a first-grader, count coins. —Courtesy

Thursday, December 21, 2017

First graders in Lindsay Nye’s class, helped by Mrs. Gagnon’s preschool class, at the Henniker Community School recently raised $990 for the food pantry during their week-long school wide coin drive in December. Each day a different coin was collected throughout the school: Monday they collected quarters, Tuesday was dimes, Wednesday was nickels, Thursday was pennies, and Friday was for any coin.