Letter: Outpouring of hate

Published: 11/26/2017 12:01:12 AM
Outpouring of hate

Barbie as a platform for spewing racist hatred against all those who have a view that is different from Robert Azzi (Sunday Monitor Forum, Nov. 19)?

When I settled back to read this past Sunday’s Forum page, I looked forward to reading Azzi’s thoughts on Mattel’s release of Muslim Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad doll. I actually got about 75 percent through the opinion when he just couldn’t help himself. The verbally vile vomit of Azzi’s hatred for anyone who has a point of view that does not align with his came spewing forth on the news print. Has Azzi ever had a one-on-one dialogue with Pamela Geller to ascertain what she believes and what she fears? It is much easier to simply claim that they are Islamaphobes, racists and white supremacists. In doing so, Azzi is really no better than the villager lynch mob intent on burning a witch that wasn’t a witch, as referenced by James Kofalt’s piece (Sunday Monitor Forum, Nov. 19). Azzi’s reduction of a serious discussion to an ad hominem attack indicates that he doesn’t have anything of substance or material importance to add to the discussion.

I then turned to Katy Burns’s discussion of flavored potato chips. I agree the potato chip industry is carrying things too far with chemical flavorings. Even she could not control her anger with conservatives when she equated the “demolition artist on Pennsylvania Avenue” with the “6th-century Vandals.” The continuing outpouring of hatred from the left must stop if we are to resolve these serious issues.




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